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Monitoring Application Logs

Three Reasons for Monitoring Application Logs

Modern Applications Require a New Approach

Modern applications are dependent on multiple independent layers of services, microservices, third-party APIs and databases. All these layers comprise and deliver an app. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or on a mobile device, every layer requires constant monitoring to ensure availability and service delivery.

Three Reasons for Monitoring Application Logs

Modern architectures drive agility and accelerate application release cycles but also make troubleshooting more complex. Log files, especially application logs, can provide a flight recorder with rich machine data on every action. But, the ability to troubleshoot is dependent on how you use the data. By monitoring and analyzing log files, you can:

  1. Troubleshoot across the entire stack of modern applications
  2. Accelerate deployment release cycles through better visibility into issues
  3. Gain insight into user behavior and identify potential security threats

Sumo Logic, a Log Analytics as a Service

Sumo Logic provides developers get the visibility they need into microservice-based applications, traditional app layers and edge services to identify issues and monitor complex interactions within each component. With Sumo Logic, you can improve customer experience and business decisions by extracting valuable information such as latencies, performance metrics, trends and critical events tied with core systems and services.

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