Looking for a Log Analyzer to Make Your Life Easier?

Make Sense of Your Log Data

Gain deep visibility into log files across your full software stack with the Sumo Logic log analyzer.

  • Full stack monitoring for real-time troubleshooting
  • Data collection from any source
  • Aggregated metrics all in one dashboard
  • Automated event management
  • Log analytics scalable for your big data needs

For Unified Logs & Metrics, Try Sumo Logic!

Make Sense of Your Log Data

Peer into AWS Log Files with Machine Data Analytics

Sumo Logic SaaS log analytics offers full-stack visibility into your cloud, edge, and traditional services and microservices. It’s secure and scalable and can handle the volume, variety, and velocity of your AWS log file data.

  • Detect patterns and anomalies using machine learning
  • Surface unknown performance and security issues
  • Scale on demand for spikes and deployments
  • Accelerate migration of workloads
  • Simplify compliance and run audits

Get Real-Time Monitoring & Predictive Analytics!

Peer into AWS Log Files with Machine Data Analytics

Analyze Your Apache Access & Error Logs…It’s Easy

Centralize your Apache access logs and Apache error logs and you can visualize overall data or drill down to find 400- and 500-level errors. Spend more time analyzing real-time events and less chasing data across silos.

  • Customizable time scales for behavior analytics
  • Correlation of issues across servers and application tier
  • Alerts for malicious IPs or error requests
  • Filtering of log messages by error level
  • Dynamic thresholds for “abnormal” 500-level errors

Simplify Troubleshooting with Apache Log Analytics!

Analyze Your Apache Access & Error Logs…It’s Easy

Optimize Your Web Servers with IIS Log Analytics

Sumo Logic IIS log analytics lets you troubleshoot your Internet Information Servers in real time and helps you discover errors 75% faster. With advanced machine learning you can stay one step ahead of suspicious behavior and potential problems.

  • Collect, parse, index, and aggregate data automatically
  • Use predefined or custom searches in intuitive dashboards
  • View customer sessions, client IPs, response codes and times
  • Discover patterns proactively using predictive analytics

Keep an Eye on Traffic with Continuous Monitoring!

Optimize Your Web Servers with IIS Log Analytics

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Collect And Centralize


Easily collect data from Apache, AWS, Cisco devices, IIS, Nginx, and many more data sources!

Full Stack Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Gain full-stack visibility across your applications and infrastructure with Sumo Logic’s cloud-native analytics platform. Sumo Logic collects terabytes of data and uses patented analytics to identify patterns and anomalies across your distributed applications and their complex environments.

Cloud Economics

Visibility Across Hybrid Environments

Gain visibility across public clouds, on-premise infrastructures and SaaS applications.

Advanced Analytics

Continuous Audits

Become cloud audit–ready for all your workloads and demonstrate compliance with internal and industry standards. Sumo Logic has met GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS 3.2 compliance standards.

Quicker Resolution

Release Pipeline Optimization

Monitor throughout build, integration, test, and deployment processes.

Alert And Notify

Real-Time User Monitoring

Get alerts, insights and forensics to quickly uncover and resolve violations.

Scales as you grow

“Over a 12 month period we tripled the size of our existing log analytics nodes and storage but our company’s phenomenal growth meant that we were still at peak load for this platform.”


Rick Jury

Team Leader, Tools and Automation