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Retain And Visualize Logs

1-GB of Continuous Log Ingest

Send up to 1-GB of logs to the Sumo Logic Platform during your trial period

Advanced Analytics

50,000 DPM Allowance

Build your observability solution by incorporating up to 50,000 metrics per day

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1-GB of Tracing Data

Achieve faster issue resolution by incorporating tracing data into your observability solution

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Live out-of-the-box dashboards

As the microservices environment changes and new services, pods, nodes are added, Sumo Logic’s dashboards will adjust in real-time, always showing you the live state

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“Observability is critical to our function and Sumo Logic enriches the data and provides us with the information needed to see what's really going on in our AWS environments.”

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Craig Watkinson

Senior Software Engineer

Resolve issues quickly with a new view of Microservices

Resolve issues quickly with a new view of Microservices

Integrated Kubernetes Observability

Kubernetes monitoring across logs, metrics, events and traces for faster issue resolution.

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