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The AWS Marketscape

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The AWS Marketscape

Welcome to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketscape. We hope that this collection of online resources will provide you with a better understanding of the rich array of AWS management tools, along with the diverse ecosystem of third party vendors that supports managing applications in the cloud.

By enabling businesses of every size to leverage scalable and elastic computing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of in-house resources, AWS is now the world’s most popular cloud computing platform. It’s comprised of dozens of interrelated technologies that are bolstered by an extensive collection of services that support securing and managing modern applications. These services are provided by Amazon as well as by hundreds of external vendors.

AWS enables its customers to migrate from traditional three tier on-premise applications to n-tier cloud-hosted solutions utilizing microservice architecture. These highly elastic and scalable approaches are at the heart of digital transformation and innovation; they also impose extensive management and security demands.

Furthermore, Amazon relentlessly enhances AWS, while outside technology providers continue to build and expand their own complementary solutions. With so much activity, it can be overwhelming to make sense of the overall landscape. That’s why we created this guide: to provide structure to the full range of AWS management tools, along with citing some of the most prominent outside vendors that are adding significant value.

We’ve divided the AWS management universe into these 12 distinct categories:

  1. Application Development Tools
  2. AWS Capacity Planning
  3. Compliance
  4. Configuration and Release
  5. Container Management
  6. Cost Optimization
  7. Application Performance Management
  8. Infrastructure Monitoring
  9. Incident and IT Service Management
  10. Cloud Messaging and Collaboration
  11. Log Management
  12. Security

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We cover these topics within each category:

  • Overview: A brief summary of the segment and the challenges it presents.
  • AWS solutions: A synopsis of the Amazon offerings that are meant to address the segment’s requirements.
  • Amazon’s pricing: Details about what it will cost to utilize the AWS-supplied solution(s).
  • AWS limitations: An explanation of why Amazon’s offerings may not be sufficient/
  • Third party solutions: Details about why products supplied by external vendors may be superior to Amazon’s technologies.
  • Major features: A list of some of the most compelling capabilities offered by third party solutions.
  • Third Party Solutions: A brief summary of each major external vendor for this category, as well as a cross-reference to other categories that the vendor services.

Please feel free to share the AWS Marketscape on social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. If you’re a practitioner and would like to make suggestions about improving the AWS Marketscape, reach out to us on Twitter. Finally, technology vendors: if you’d like to be added to one or more of the categories, please contact us at Twitter as well.

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