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David Shor: The Data Driving Political Campaigns

Head of Political Data Science, Civis Analytics
October 22, 2018 36:03
"[Don't ignore ethics] - targeting 1% better isn't worth the news story"
David worked on the 2012 Obama campaign doing political data science and is now the Head of Political Data Science at Civis Analytics.

Sarah Davanzo: Why Curiosity Matters

VP, Consumer and Market Insight, L'Oreal Paris
October 15, 2018 33:34
"There is a domination of the male voice in a lot of platforms."
Sarah Davanzo takes exploration and curiosity extremely seriously and has applied data science and analytics to the field in an unprecedented way.

Sarah Guo: Building Trust from the Ground Up

General Partner, Greylock
October 01, 2018 17:43
"Millennials [...] are more cognizant of what is happening with their data."
Sarah Guo talks about what it means to build trust and take data privacy seriously at startups today, and also some new innovation coming.

Virginia Eubanks: Fighting Data-Driven Inequality

Associate Professor of Political Science, Author, University at Albany, SUNY
October 29, 2018 41:11
"Technology is impacting their ability to meet their basic human needs."
Virginia Eubanks is raising awareness about how our digital tools are continuing and exacerbating the problems around poverty and inequality.

Yoon Lee: Moving from A.I. to Artificial Wisdom

SVP, Division Head, Content and Services, Product Innovation, Samsung Electronics America
November 05, 2018 35:03
"If AI [becomes] artificial wisdom, it'll be much more contextual to you."
Yoon Lee is the SVP, Content and Services, Product Innovation at Samsung. Yoon talks how A.I. needs to change to meet today's challenges.

Alistair Croll: The Importance of Analytics

Founder, Solve for Interesting
August 07, 2018 31:58
"We must teach critical thinking to make our population more resilient."
Alistair Croll is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, prolific author, and conference organizer - and a big thinker in the area of Data and Analytics.

Cathy O'Neil: Fighting Creepy Algorithms

Author, Author and Speaker
September 17, 2018 41:48
"Data scientists [need] to take their ethical obligations seriously."
Cathy O’Neil, the author of the book “Weapons of Math Destruction”, talks about the dangers of “creepy algorithms” and their bad consequences.

Chris Dancy: Most Connected Man

Most Connected Man on Earth, Author and Speaker
September 24, 2018 32:20
"The weaponization of our behavior is a real security and privacy issue."
Chris Dancy became the “most connected man on earth” by wrangling the data for over 700 sensors, applications, and services that analyzed his life.

Christian Beedgen: Intro to Data Bias

Founder & CTO, Sumo Logic
August 13, 2018 38:53
"The discussion that has to happen is about the ethics of this."
Christian Beedgen is a lifelong creative technologist and deep thinker who has spent the last decade immersed in the world of data analytics.

The Guy Behind the Mic

Ben Newton
Director, Product Marketing

Ben is a veteran of the IT Operations market, with a two decade career across large and small companies like Loudcloud, BladeLogic, Northrop Grumman, EDS, and BMC. Ben got to do DevOps before DevOps was cool, working with government agencies and major commercial brands to be more agile and move faster. More recently, Ben spent 5 years in product management at Sumo Logic, and is now running product marketing for Operations Analytics at Sumo Logic. His latest project, Masters of Data, has let him combine his love of podcasts and music with his love of good conversations.


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