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July 25, 2017 By Sumo Logic

Cloud Technology Partners Launches Cloud Kickstart for AWS

Fixed-time, fixed-price offering combines best-of-breed technologies to create an enterprise-grade cloud environment in just six weeks

Boston - July 25, 2017 Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), the premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to cloud, announced today that it has launched Cloud Kickstart for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fixed-time, fixed-price offering that enables clients to safely and quickly leverage the power of AWS across their organization.

“Regardless of whether clients are looking at one workload, multiple workloads, or an entire portfolio, transforming from on-premise to cloud-based IT requires a deep understanding of the best technologies, tools, and vendors to build the right end-to-end solution,” said Robert Christiansen, Vice President and Cloud Adoption Practice Lead at Cloud Technology Partners. “Cloud Kickstart for AWS takes the guess work out of standing up an enterprise-grade AWS environment and includes all the processes and tools you need to enable your team to safely and securely start provisioning cloud resources.”

Cloud Kickstart for AWS enables your team to quickly start leveraging a secure cloud environment and gain instant awareness of the transformative power of the cloud within your organization. Reducing time to cloud from up to a year to just six weeks, Cloud Kickstart for AWS provides an enterprise-grade AWS environment with all of the essential automation, security, governance, and compliance controls in place including:

  • CTP’s recommended tagging standards
  • AWS account standards
  • IPSec VPN connectivity to AWS
  • Platform common services VPC (both production and nonproduction)
  • Active Directory integration for controlling access to tooling and environment
  • Automated creation of Windows and Linux AMIs
  • AMI snapshot management
  • Creation of custom IAM Roles
  • SDLC toolchain using best-of-breed automation tools

Cloud Kickstart helps companies realize time to value faster with pre-built continuous integrations and continuous testing capabilities that provide immense efficiency gains to DevOps teams. As well as providing best in class security, compliance and analytics capabilities to keep your organization’s data secure.

In addition to these features, Cloud Kickstart for AWS also includes a robust reference architecture created with best-of-breed tools in the AWS ecosystem to create a simple package for rapid AWS adoption at scale. From configuration management with Chef to security leveraging Trend Micro, Dome9 and Vault, to operational analytics using Sumo Logic, Cloud Kickstart for AWS includes all the tools you need to ensure a secure and compliant AWS environment. Today’s Cloud Kickstart for AWS reference architecture includes these proven solutions:

  • Host-based anti-malware, intrusion prevention and detection, integrity monitoring and application control (Trend Micro)
  • Network security and IAM monitoring and enforcement (Dome9)
  • Secrets store, temporary access leases (Vault)
  • Encryption for EBS volumes (AWS)
  • Monitoring (AWS Cloudwatch)
  • Consolidated logging including CloudTrail, Build, Automation, and security events across all accounts (Sumo Logic)
  • Configuration management (Chef)
  • Orchestration (Jenkins)
  • Binary repository (Artifactory)
  • Code repository (Git)
  • Managed Cloud Controls for Continuous Compliance and Continuous Cost Control (CTP)

“Moving to the cloud is one of the most transformative changes an organization can make, however, it can be disruptive to the business without the right tools or expertise,” said William Fellows, Founder and Research Vice President, 451 Group. “Today, organizations are seeking methods to help them transition to the cloud more quickly and securely. With Cloud Kickstart for AWS, Cloud Technology Partners has brought together best-of-breed partners to address this business need and help organizations rapidly take advantage of the cloud.”

Supporting Partner Quotes

  • Kimberly Martin, Vice President Business Development and Partners, Chef “The cloud is central to every enterprise’s modern application strategy and Chef’s Continuous Automation platform provides the foundational capabilities needed to make that shift successful. We are delighted to be part of CTP’s solution to accelerate success and help enterprises become more efficient software-driven organizations.”
  • Suda Srinivasan, Vice President of Growth, Dome9 “For enterprises moving to the public cloud, security is the #1 priority and area of concern. Dome9 Security gives businesses the peace of mind that their environments are secure and protected against vulnerabilities, identity theft and data loss, allowing them to get started on the cloud with confidence. Cloud Kickstart for AWS from CTP offers a frictionless way to set up a cloud environment on AWS with all the essential ingredients for security and operational awareness.”
  • Jabari Norton, VP of Channel Sales, Sumo Logic “Organizations are increasingly looking for next generation analytics tools and services that provide continuous intelligence to help them build, run and secure modern applications, and accelerate their journey to the cloud. We are excited to partner with CTP as part of Cloud Kickstart for AWS to deliver the machine data analytics needed to help customers to visualize and monitor workloads in real-time, identify issues and expedite root cause analysis to improve operational and security insights across AWS infrastructure and services.”
  • Sanjay Mehta, SVP Business Development, Trend Micro “Trend Micro and CTP were early movers in teaming to help enterprise organizations securely migrate to public cloud deployments. In order to address the rapid pace of new AWS cloud deployments, CTP has established a Cloud Kickstart for AWS architecture including Trend Micro Deep Security that accelerates migrations, increases confidence in deployment success, and improves security controls in public cloud and hybrid datacenters.”

To learn more about Cloud Kickstart for AWS as well as CTP’s other cloud adoption services, visit: https://www.cloudtp.com/cloud-kickstart.

Join cloud experts from CTP to learn more about Cloud Kickstart for AWS in the webinar Breaking Down Barriers to Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption Program on August 29, 2017. Register at: https://go.cloudtp.com/breaking-down-barriers-webinar.

About Cloud Technology Partners

Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) is the premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to AWS, Google, Microsoft and other leading cloud providers. From strategy to operations, CTP accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best implementation services, software and intellectual property available on the market. CTP’s comprehensive framework for cloud adoption and dedicated software development capabilities help clients achieve business results faster, no matter where they are in their cloud transformation.

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