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“Goezinta- Goezoutta” – Sumo Logic to align on Power BI

You are wondering about the title. More on that in a minute, first, a peek into why the next great thing in BI gets even better with Big Data insights. So what is Power BI? Power BI is a new SaaS based BI solution from Microsoft. As Microsoft puts it – Power BI fundamentally transforms the “business of business intelligence.” It helps companies adopt a data culture with easy-to-use, accessible tools and innovative technology that lowers the barrier to entry, for all. This week Microsoft announced a new and improved Power BI preview. You can learn more about the announcement here. So what’s that got to do with Sumo Logic? Sumo Logic is also a cloud-based machine data analytics service that can ingest terabytes of log data to give you real-time operational, business and security insights. And, we are different because of our multi-tenant architecture that can scale to any data volume on-demand and we have best-in-class analytics that helps you transform this data into your everyday, business critical decisions. A big chunk of the data our customers send us is application data. Simply put, their application logs. I don’t need to list the kinds of data you put into Excel as we have all been addicts for quite a while now but in short, Sumo Logic can ingest this data and get some pretty cool insights. Power BI and Sumo Logic both being SaaS services with accessible RestAPI’s helps deliver pretty cool C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud) opportunities for customers. The real power (pun intended) comes when you can start mashing up hardcore machine data with Biz Data and vice versa. So that brings us to….Goezinta- Goezoutta. I had a Manager in the late 90′s at a networking device start up in Boston that always simplified the feeds, speeds, ports discussions with customers as “Goes Into/Goes Out of” but said it so fast and with a prime north east accent so it sounds like – Goezinta- Goezoutta. The beauty of C2C integrations is that data flows bi-directionally and seamlessly between services. What you could find by correlating data from a variety of sources (including some historical events) could simply amaze you. True synergy is thus achieved when the value of each service is amplified by the integration. Imagine if: You could analyze the impacts that planned, and unplanned system outages have on forecasted revenue, support costs, and consumer sentiment Correlating marketing campaigns could help you increases product usage, service availability, end-user-performance, product adoption and conversion by combining Sumo Logic Insights from web servers and CDN’s (content delivery networks) data, and social networking sentiment You could track the relationship between new customer acquisition and infrastructure growth by combining salesforce data with insights from Sumo Logic. Enough said… Office 365 is also picking up steam and the Power BI service is really interesting in that context as well. The combined power of authoring reports with Excel, sharing them with Power BI and correlating critical machine data insights from Sumo Logic will amplify the value you can harness from your data. You just need a Sumo Logic subscription and Sumo Logic will take care of the pre-built dashboard and applications with Power BI. What’s Next? We are pumped about working with Microsoft Power BI. Last year, we also started working with Microsoft on Azure Machine Learning. You can learn more by reading the blog from our Founder and VP of engineering, Kumar Saurabh or Microsoft’s announcement here. So how cool is it to be working with Microsoft? Pretty Cool! (Maybe not the as cool as Minecraft with HoloLens game play – my soon to be 7 year old predicts this game will be the coolest thing ever). Sumo Logic is thrilled to be in the company of Salesforce, Zendesk, Marketo, SendGrid and Github – services which can easily connect with Power BI with built-in connectors and pre-built dashboards. With 500+ customers we are scanning over 8 petabytes each day and building a resilient, elastic machine data analytics platform for our customers. The bi-directional flow of data between Power BI and Sumo Logic will definitely delight our joint customers. Last but not the least, I wanted to say – SumoLogic Free, please meet Power BI Free – Today, anyone with a US business email account can try the preview of the new Power BI for free. When Power BI reaches general availability, Microsoft will introduce a free offer, available as Power BI. So go ahead and give both services a try – for free! You can sign up for a fully loaded Sumo Logic Free version right here. Cheers, Mark Musselman VP, Strategic Alliances & Business Development


A Sort of Homecoming: Back From Akamai Edge

This is my first blog post for Sumo Logic. It took 18 months but I was always a late bloomer and we have some Hemingway-class bloggers on staff anyway. No doubt I was shy as my music production partner in MOMU, JD Moyer, is now a prolific blogger with an immense following. Nonetheless, when I was asked to write about the experience at last week’s Akamai Edge – the worldwide customer and partner conclave – due to my unique position of having worked at Akamai from 2002 to 2005, I jumped at the opportunity. The day I started at Akamai the stock was either at 52 cents or 56 cents – I don’t recall exactly. The day I left it was at $56 bucks – I do remember that. In those three years, I was able to bring onboard and expanded Akamai’s presence at companies like eBay, The Gap, RingCentral, Netflix, and E*Trade, all of whom bought into the business value that Akamai delivered. This culminated in being Named the top Major Account Executive for the Americas in 2004 – definitely a personally “pinnacle” achievement… Akamai is an amazing company for way too many reasons to list, but the people and the culture top the list. In fact, when I think about the best places I have worked, from Ritz-Carlton to BladeLogic, the common thread among these favorite employers of mine was and is the people. Smart, aggressive, coachable, creative, daring, fearless and fun people, with amazing founders. I want to key in on the similarity that I see between Akamai and Sumo Logic. Akamai is the first Cloud Company. REALLY Cloud. My goal when I arrived at Sumo Logic last year was to help build a culture that weaved in the best of two great worlds – BladeLogic and Akamai, with a maniacal focus on the Customer Experience. At all of these places a common theme was the “DNA” of the staff. There is magnificent art in taking a cutting edge, disruptive product and meshing it with the intense sense of urgency and thoughtful execution. Having the opportunity to help build this from scratch at Sumo Logic was too good to pass up. I fell in love with Christian and Kumar’s vision and the innovation around the technology. There are many more similarities than just the clarity of vision and the incredible focus on execution. The inimitable George Conrades once told a prospect of ours in a meeting how many lines of code that Akamai had written – in 2003 – and it was a massive number. We are both software companies at the core. We both rely heavily on algorithms to create customer value and massive differentiation. We both go to market with a recurring revenue model. We both allow for instant elasticity and on-demand usage. We both are totally focused on a great product that helps our customers fight the demands of the digital world with the best tools available. Last but not least we are both entranced by The Algorithm… Back to Akamai Edge. It is incredible to see how much of the online world continues to run and thrive through Akamai. 2.2 billion log lines every 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right. Staggering scale. The session on the Dominant Design principle blew me away. With the new announcement of Akamai opening up its platform to developers and partners, Akamai is even more Open. Sumo Logic is thrilled to become a charter Member of the Open Platform Initiative – we already have many joint customers salivating to send the Akamai logs directly to Sumo Logic, where they can “join” them with the rest of their infrastructure logs – all for real-time insights across their entire infrastructure. The beta customers are all happy that we have come so far so quickly together. This is an alliance with legs AND brains. George, Paul, Tom, Bob, Brad, Doug, John, Tim, Mark, Gary, Jennie, Rick, Kevin, Kris, Alyson, Brian, Mike, Andy, Dave, Ed (and so many more)…it was great to see you and it is GREAT to be working with you again. The new hires I met seem to have the DNA you need to get to the next Scaling Point. Akamai and Sumo Logic: Faster Forward Together, Moving at the speed of Cloud. Now stop reading my rant and go sell something, will ya, and check out our new Sumo Logic Application for Akamai.