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Sumo Logic Delivers a Scalable Log Analytics Platform for Xero

Case Study

Xero is a fast growing, global, small business accounting platform with over 1.3 million subscribers in over 180 countries. To keep pace with its growth, Xero revamped its product architecture and migrated its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Shifting from its existing on-premise log management solution to Sumo Logic’s cloud offering delivered predictable cost and performance for analytics within Xero, as well as a flexible ingestion platform for logs from new AWS services.

Xero turned to Sumo Logic’s born-in- the-cloud log management solution to dramatically speed up its ability to derive value from tremendous quantities of machine data. The migration to AWS resulted in a 5x increase in log volume and 3x increase in the number of log types – all within the first six months. Sumo Logic’s platform could scale easily to handle this growth, providing predictable performance and cost even with the ingestion of hundreds of GB of log per day. Sumo Logic also proved itself to be a flexible platform that can easily ingest data from AWS services and other cloud sources. Ingesting logs from new sources no longer became a barrier to innovation for Xero’s developers.

Download this case study to learn how Sumo Logic helped Xero modernized log ingestion and processing environment that scales with its rapid growth.

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