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Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani: Competing in the Age of AI

Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani, Professors, Authors

March 9, 2020


[With AI] I can serve a million people just as well as I can serve five [...] I can learn from the million people that I'm serving.

Marco and Karim talk about their groundbreaking book on how to use AI to supercharge your business, compete, and win.

Stacy Stephens: Making the World a Safer Place

EVP and Chief Client Officer, Knightscope

February 24, 2020


We've got robots running [24/7/365] in 15 states across the US in all four time zones.

Stacy explains how Knightscope is using always-on robots to protect their customers and their businesses

Jorge Lozano: How to Build a Data Science Team

Lead, Data Science Team, Steelcase

February 10, 2020


It's not about having a complex model - it's about having a creative solution

Jorge tells how to build a data science team in a non-digitally company and thrive in the process.

Rob Zuber: The Data of Releasing Software

CTO, CircleCI

January 20, 2020


You can't self culture with [tools and data], but you can definitely enable a great culture and great teams.

Rob talks about how data is essential to innovating faster and make better software faster.

Dave Riess: Making Solar Investment Easy

Co-founder, CEO, Wunder Capital

December 16, 2019

32:57 understand your problem domain by virtue of doing the hard things that are unscalable.

Dave talks about the untapped potential of commercial solar projects.

Nancy Gohring: The Changing Culture of IT

Senior Analyst, 451 Research

November 4, 2019


But the fact that there are those two different worlds, the legacy world and the enterprise and the new world, is the reason that a lot of these enterprises start having problems.

We talk with Nancy about her perspective on the culture of IT Operations and the impact of the massive changes in the last few years.

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Ben Newton

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