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Christian Beedgen

Christian Beedgen

As co-founder of Sumo Logic, Christian brings 15 years experience creating industry-leading enterprise software architecture. Christian played critical roles at ArcSight from 2001 through January 2010, most recently serving as Chief Architect for event-based products, ArcSight ESM and ArcSight Logger. He led development teams that built and delivered the core of the ArcSight product line across server infrastructure and user interaction. He designed and implemented the core backend event handling and object-relational mapping frameworks, and was integral in the design and development of core product features such as a flexible framework for real-time query processing. Christian also co-designed and implemented a patented approach to display large result sets that change dynamically. Prior to ArcSight, he was co-founder of Gigaton, an infrastructure software company enabling distributed file management solution over IP-enabled networks. Christian holds degrees from Humboldt University of Berlin and Fachhochschule Brandenburg.

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