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Machine Data Analytics for Microsoft Azure

Turn Microsoft Azure Data into Business, Operational, and Security Insight

Improve Microsoft Azure Operational and Security Visibility

Moving to the cloud does not require sacrificing visibility or control over your infrastructure and applications. New tools and services designed for the volume, variety and velocity of cloud-generated data provide real-time operational and security visibility into your modern applications.

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Simplify and accelerate migrations to Microsoft Azure by monitoring the building, running and securing of modern cloud applications.

Visibility Across Hybrid Infrastructures

Visualize and monitor workloads in real time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across Microsoft Azure, other cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Strengthen Security and Compliance

Monitor all user access, platform configurations and changes across all Azure and on-premise workloads and generate audit trails to demonstrate compliance.

Visibility for Microsoft Azure Services

New applications architectures require new application monitoring approaches. Companies need new troubleshooting and monitoring tools that can scale to analyze large volumes of machine data (logs and time-series metrics) and support top-to-bottom visibility in development and production environments.

What is needed:

  • Quick identification of performance problems on underlying infrastructure including Audit Logs, Active Directory and Web Apps.
  • Proactive security monitoring to identify known and unknown threats (without creating rules or schemas) using machine learning algorithms.
  • Simplify compliance run audits and facilitate central logging to meet PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, GLBA and COBit.

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The Cloud-Native Analytics Platform

True SaaS — As a cloud-native solution, scales on demand to streamline massive workload migrations, expanding deployments and seasonal spikes.
Native Azure Integrations — Comprehensive solutions to monitor service delivery and performance of your Azure infrastructure.
Full-Stack Visibility — Cloud-to-cloud and cloud to on-premise integrations for insights across micro-services, traditional applications, edge services, and cloud services.
Advanced Analytics — Includes built-in pattern detection, anomaly detection, transaction analytics, outlier detection, and predictive analytics.
Security Confidence — Sumo Logic is the industry’s benchmark in delivering secure SaaS.

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More Azure Log Analysis Tools from Sumo Logic

Feed your Microsoft Azure Audit Logs and Active Directory information into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your Azure infrastructure for operational and security insights. Within minutes, receive real-time alerts on suspicious user activity.

Ingest your Azure web server and application diagnostic logs directly into the Sumo Logic continuous intelligence service to monitor and visualize the health of your Web Apps environment.

Monitor, audit, and analyze O365 logs easily and in real-time with Sumo Logic’s cloud-based data analysis app. Simple dashboards and robust analytics tools provide unparalleled insight into your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Leverage Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform and search capabilities to monitor your Azure Network and NSG flow logs to provide real-time visibility and analysis of your network traffic.

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