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June 17, 2019

Swiggy Uses Sumo Logic as a Core Part of Its Tech Stack

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Swiggy is in the business of delivering convenience. They eased the task of consumers getting food from restaurants delivered for the hyper local market.

The platform at Swiggy is charged with building forward-looking technology and infrastructure systems that make life easier for the other engineering teams and for the rest of the business. In order to be able to operate with high uptime and resilience, complex distributed system, observability and the ability to detect emergent conditions and respond to them as critical, a very robust and powerful logging capability was needed. They initially built an in-house open source based infrastructure but the limitations of that became apparent as scale continued to increase.

"Sumo has a very interesting feature called LogReduce. The system automatically recognizes this kind of duplication and compresses it. It cuts through the clutter basically, and you can get down to the root cause much, much faster."

Sumo Logic has become a very integral part of Swiggy's tech stash. Watch the video for details.

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