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Get Sumo Logic Free

Get a fully functioning version of our enterprise cloud-based log management and analytics service FREE

Sumo Logic Free delivers real-time troubleshooting, proactive application management and powerful IT and business insights. Our free version allows for up to three users and 500 MB per day with seven days of data retention.

Sumo Logic Free

Cloud-Based From the Ground Up

Easy to install and manage; no third-party hardware or software.

Sumo Logic Free can collect log data from applications and infrastructure. For example, you can collect logs from files such as server logs, log4j, Apache logs, etc. You can also collect IT infrastructure logs via syslog, or even remotely collect Windows events via WMI.

Enterprise-level Functionality

Distributed search and multi-user account.

Yes, you can convert your free subscription to an enterprise trial by contacting us at

Highly Scalable and Available

Real-time distributed indexing pipeline. 

Sumo Logic will notify you via email when we detect that you have exceeded or are about to exceed the capacity of your Sumo Logic Free account.

We also offer Sumo Logic Enterprise for customers with larger volumes of log data. Give us a call (1-855-LOG SUMO) to find out more.

Sumo Logic has been indispensable in maintaining the quality of service our enterprise customers demand.

Adam D'Amico
Director of Technical Operations
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