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Gain Deep Insights with the Industry's-First Unified Logs and Metrics

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Build, run and secure your modern applications with Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics service for log management and time series metrics.

One platform for real-time, Continuous Intelligence.

100+ PB Data Analyzed Daily
20+ Mil Searches Performed Daily
1000+ Customers

Be Up and Running in Minutes

With Sumo Logic, you’re up and running in minutes with an advanced analytics platform powered by machine learning, discovering meaningful patterns in your IT data and detecting performance, usage and security anomalies, for faster issue resolution in your modern applications and IT systems.

Quickly obtain the data analytics and insights for your modern applications in real-time, thereby driving business value, growth and competitive advantage.

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Remove Friction in Your Application Lifecycle


Optimize Continuous Delivery

Accelerate development and deployment of applications in a modern software delivery lifecycle.

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Monitor and Troubleshoot in Real Time

Ensure availability through full-stack visibility of modern applications and infrastructure.

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Secure Your Modern Cloud Applications

Simplify and automate compliance and secure your modern applications with advanced analytics.

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Dockerizing Sumo Logic

Learn how Sumo Logic and JFrog have Dockerized their microservices and the lessons learned.


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Our Customers

“Sumo Logic has allowed McGraw-Hill Education to move to AWS with confidence, enable real-time visibility across the entire stack, all at reduced TCO.”

Shane Shelton
Sr. Director of Application Performance & Development Operations

“No matter how big I grow my team, there’s just not enough human cycles I can put into actually look at the data, so automatic anomaly detection is definitely where the future has to be.”

Adam D’Amico
Director of Technical Operations

"With Sumo Logic, the greatest advantage we’ve seen is the ability to view all of this data in a single system as this insight is incredibly powerful and enables us to quickly identify and resolve issues.”

Luke Swanson

We help some of the world’s leading companies analyze and make sense of their log data. See the full list >

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