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Sumo Logic Use Cases


Do You Need To:

Streamline Your Continuous Deployment?
Monitor App KPIs & Alert On Problems?
Identify Root Causes Of Downtime?

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IT Infrastructure And Operations

Do You Need To:

Monitor & Troubleshoot Cloud Workloads?
Manage Full Stack Log Analysis?
Improve Your App Performance & Uptime?

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Compliance And Security

Do You Need To:

Quickly Complete Your PCI & Other Audits?
Get Intelligent About Threat Management?
Spend Less Time Scaling Your SIEM &
More Time Using It?

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Improve Your Service Every Day

Do you obsess about uptime and have near-maniacal intensity to improve your service? Are you constantly searching for the most modern ways to improve performance, scalability, security and quality…? These are the topics that we obsess about too and here is a sampling of the customers we help:

We found immediate impact with Sumo Logic's Log Reduce pattern matching and reduced our Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by 90% in a matter of days."
Troy Earle, Infrastructure Manager
We’ve adopted a data-driven approach to delivering our digital and adaptive learning software systems. Sumo Logic enables us to rapidly identify and troubleshoot any issues across the infrastructure stack using real-time alerts to fix issues before they impact release cycles. We love how the cloud-native platform from Sumo Logic, provides insight on literally thousands of Amazon Web Services EC2 instances, distills what is relevant and gets to the bottom of it in minutes.”
Shane Shelton, Sr. Director of Application Performance and Development Operations
To support our rapidly growing customer base, we are expanding our datacenter footprint across the globe for the Netskope Active™ Platform. Sumo Logic was the obvious choice for monitoring and troubleshooting issues across 1000’s of servers and virtual machines in the cloud. With real-time dashboards and alerts we can track application performance, throughput and customer trends, which ultimately help us drive service excellence."
Abhay Kulkarni, VP of Engineering
Demonstrating continuous adherence with PCI and other compliance standards is a priority for CloudPassage. Sumo Logic helps us meet compliance with a unified view of our infrastructure, strengthens real-time monitoring, and meets log review and retention requirements, which shortens audit cycles."
Bart Westerink, Bart Westerink, Director of Security and Compliance
The Sumo Logic solution paid for itself in less than 1 month."
Arup Chakrabarti, Operations Engineering Team Lead
We have a responsibility to use the most advanced tools available, and THG Cloud SIEM powered by Sumo Logic gives us a manageable, actionable, and proactive view of emerging security concerns that most companies never get a glimpse of."
Glenn Watt, Vice President of Information Security

Sumo-Sized Data

Sumo Logic’s highly resilient multi-tenant architecture can scale to any data volume and query performance you need. With speedy query retrieval times and potent analytics, Sumo Logic enables you to make real time decisions with near perfect information.

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Strength in Numbers

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