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Big Data has a BIG STORY
Unified Logs & Metrics Opens a Rich Universe of Opportunities for Our Customers

Two weeks ago, we announced an important and exciting milestone for Sumo Logic: more than a 1,000 customers are receiving instant value from our machine data analytics platform to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Supported by the platform’s powerful, machine-learning algorithms, our customers gain business speed and insights from uncovering […]

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A Machine Data Analytics Solution Built for DevOps

DevOps has gone mainstream. The DevOps philosophy of increasing cross-functional collaboration to quickly deploy high quality software releases that address end-customer demands makes good business sense. Case in point: a 2015 survey by the analyst firm, EMA, found that 80 percent of companies now report the formation of cross-functional teams supporting application development and delivery. […]

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Korean Short Rib Taco or the Blue Plate Special – Three Reasons to Order Data Analytics as a Service with Your Microservices Architecture

One of the current market shifts getting a lot of attention these days is the transition from traditional monolithic application architectures to microservices, the impact of which can be felt from technological innovation to business/team culture.  We, at Sumo Logic, believe in the  importance of this trend because the same forces driving companies to microservices […]

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Built for the Cloud or Hosted in the Cloud – So What’s the Difference?

Have you heard of the term, “cloud washing”? It is defined as the purposeful, and sometimes deceptive, attempt by a vendor to rebrand an old product or service by slapping the buzzword “cloud” on it. Unfortunately, this practice is quite prevalent in the industry, which confuses and frustrates customers, and is picking up coverage in […]

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G1GC is NOT the savior of the world

Garbage collection in Java is one of it’s features that makes it easy to write bug-free code. Sometimes it is difficult to tune garbage collection (GC) for your application. Many times you encounter issues with GC pauses. This blog post describes one of our experiences with GC tuning. One of the services of Sumo’s log analytics […]

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How Companies Can Minimize Their Cloud Security Risk

    This cloud security blog was written by Robert Plant,Vice-Chairman, Department of Business Technology at the University of Miami (@drrobertplant).     As enterprises move their applications and data to the cloud, executives are increasingly being faced with balancing the benefits of productivity gains with significant concerns around compliance and security. A principal area of concern relates […]

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Stateful traversal and econometric simulation: together at last!

Functional programming concepts such as the State monad and the Traversable type class can be powerful tools for thinking about common software engineering problems. As with any abstractions, these ideas may seem unfamiliar or opaque in the absence of concrete examples. The goal of this post is therefore to motivate and contextualize a “stateful traversal” design pattern by working through the specific […]

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