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Big Data has a BIG STORY
Stateful traversal and econometric simulation: together at last!

Functional programming concepts such as the State monad and the Traversable type class can be powerful tools for thinking about common software engineering problems. As with any abstractions, these ideas may seem unfamiliar or opaque in the absence of concrete examples. The goal of this post is therefore to motivate and contextualize a “stateful traversal” design pattern by working through the specific […]

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Monitoring and Analytics With the New Sumo Logic Docker App

Hello world! Today at Dockercon SF, we’re excited to announce GA availability of the Sumo Logic Application for Docker! We’ve heard from many customers that comprehensive out-of-the-box visibility and analytics capabilities for Docker are an important part of effectively managing modern containerized applications. In order to help our customers troubleshoot and monitor their growing Docker infrastructures we’ve created a Docker App […]

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Delivering a Speedy Site: Sumo Logic On Top of CDN Logs!

Why Do We Need CDNs? Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) distribute web sites and content beyond their origins to data centers and other locations across deserts, oceans and seas.  Expanding the availability of your data across multiple data centers to improve performance and user experience the hard way without a CDN would typically exhaust precious company […]

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Why You Should Add Wire Data to Your Sumo Logic

By Chris Abella, Technical Marketing Engineer, ExtraHop Networks My coworkers and I hooked our coffee maker up to the office Wi-Fi the minute we found out we could (we’re engineers after all). We’re located in Seattle, so the chances we’d buy a coffee machine that can’t be connected to the Internet are slim. We got excited when […]

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Explore your Data with Interactive Dashboards

We are excited about one of our newest features, Interactive Dashboards. Interactive Dashboards is the second major release of a longer term project for changing the way Sumo Logic dashboards work. Based on the feedback from you, our users, we are working to make our dashboarding technology more flexible and easier to use. In this […]

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3 Ways to make your Data work for you – on AWS and everywhere else

This is an exciting time to be in the Enterprise software business. Many of the predictions we heard in the late 90s and early 2000s are finally coming true. First, we are finally moving from the world of the server artist (pronounced “Arteeste”) lovingly caring for his server, to a world where any self-respecting operations […]

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Troubleshooting AWS Web Apps with S3 Logs and CloudTrail

Your web application’s log data contains a vast amount of actionable information, but it’s only useful if you can cross-reference it with other events in your system. For example, CloudTrail provides an audit trail of everything that’s happened in your AWS environment. This makes it an indispensable security tool—but only if you can correlate CloudTrail […]

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