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The SIEM Alternative from Sumo Logic

Tools and Support for Modern-Day Security Information and Event Management

Identify and Prioritize Threats

Use machine data analytics to locate complex threats and prioritize the biggest risks.

Neutralize Security Vulnerabilities

Conduct targeted searches for security issues and find answers fast with advanced data analytics.

Increase Visibility Across the Stack

Monitor threats and data breaches across all your systems, applications, networks, and devices.

Traditional SIEM Is No Longer Enough

Since the early 2000s, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has been the go-to security model for the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches. SIEM combines Security Information Management (the storage and analysis of log data) and Security Event Management (monitoring, correlating, and notification of security events) to help organizations deal with threat detection and response.

However, SIEMs have been unable to keep pace with the security needs of modern enterprise. As early as 2014, Gartner analyst Oliver Rochford said “Implementing SIEM continues to be fraught with difficulties, with failed and stalled deployments common.”

As the volume, complexity, variety, and speed of data continues to increase, traditional SIEMs cannot keep up. Modern malware, data breaches, and security threats are incredibly complex, and they require a more proactive, agile approach to security infrastructure.

The Sumo Logic Solution to SIEM

SIEM systems work well to defend against known threats with fixed perimeters and signature-based security. But how does this approach translate to today’s cloud-focused, dynamic landscape?

Organizations still shell out more than $1.5 billion annually for SIEM services—but they are still struggling to fend off modern threats. Rule-based and signature-based security systems have failed to prevent the most serious data breaches of the last several years.

Sumo Logic uses advanced security analytics for more robust, scalable security. Security analytics uses machine data to pinpoint anomalies and view resource usage in real-time, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions about complex security threats. Machine data is helping IT teams bring better context to data and create actionable intelligence, which is crucial in the ever-evolving digital security landscape.

Security Analytics vs. SIEM

Take a look at how Sumo Logic’s security analytics approach compares to traditional SIEM:

Traditional SIEM Sumo Logic Security Analytics
Application  Monolithic applications
Static, long development and release cycles
Mode 1
 Modern Applications
Mode 2
Infrastructure  On-premises  Cloud-based
Execution Environment  Plan for capacity growth (hardware, software, full-time equivalents)  Elastic, multi-tenant, secure
Time to Deploy  15 months (on average)  Up and running in hours
Cost  $1.4 million
(hardware, software, people)
$1,000 for 1GB daily ingest
Protection Capabilities Protect the known: perimeter-based security using a defined signature approach  Protect the unknown: distributed cloud/hybrid cloud model using behavioral-based and continuous monitoring methodologies (across users, applications, networks, and data)
Protection Approach  Fixed-rule set (connect the dots) Machine learning to identify abstract data relationships, anomalies, trends, and fraudulent behavioral patterns
Visibility  Islands of security, limited view, chokepoints, port mirroring  Holistic, integrated, risk-based, enterprise-wide view/APIs and native services

Read our white paper about the evolution of SIEM to learn more about Sumo Logic’s holistic approach to security.

Use Security Analytics To Automate Threat Detection

Enterprise security teams typically use SIEM solutions to perform two main functions:

  • Analyze security event data in real-time
  • Collect, store, and analyze log data for incident forensics and regulatory compliance

Modern companies have transitioned to using microservices, container services, and cloud-based technology to drive innovation and continuous development. The continuous innovation model requires several layered components, including the operating system, applications, storage devices, servers, workstations, and more. Traditional SIEM architecture is not built to handle this volume and variety of data, leading to significant challenges in analyzing and reporting data. This is where Sumo Logic’s security analytics comes in.

Why Choose Sumo Logic for Security Analytics?

SIEM can only identify known events, security analytics uses machine learning algorithms to identify abstract relationships, anomalies, and trends.

With Sumo Logic security analytics, your IT teams can:

  • Match log data with threat intelligence data to identify and visualize malicious IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, URLs, MD5 hashes, and more
  • Leverage real-time infrastructure monitoring to help you ward off impending threats
  • Benefit from machine learning algorithms that automatically uncover unknown security events
  • Protect data with end-to-end encryption and platform certifications
  • Scale automatically to optimize performance
  • Analyze centralized data on easy-to-read, intuitive dashboards

Security analytics offers behavior modeling and predictive analytics, helping you look holistically at the entire stack—without relying on rules or predefined schemas. Sumo Logic’s focus on advanced security analytics allows organizations to move beyond the limitations of traditional SIEM.

See how Sumo Logic helps Medidata get real-time security insights for their on-site and cloud-based data centers.

Identify & Prioritize Threats to Eliminate ‘Alert Fatigue’

When the volume of modern security threats meets outdated security infrastructure, it creates “alert fatigue.” With so many alerts and so much noise, how does your security team manage and prioritize their efforts?

Sumo Logic generates actionable, high-fidelity alerts through unified logs and metrics, automatically identifying and prioritizing threats—without admins setting policies or rules. Sumo Logic ingestion is data-agnostic, and customizable dashboards make it simple to drill down to individual events (and correlated events).

Sumo Logic also removes the need to invest in hardware and manpower so resources can be spent finding and resolving security issues. And because our technology was designed for cloud security, it easily scales to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises.

See how SPS Commerce uses Sumo Logic to increase visibility across the security environment.

Try State-of-the-Art Security from Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic’s security analytics platform creates information where only data existed. Sumo Logic is a valuable alternative to traditional SIEM systems, built on powerful machine data analytics and continuous intelligence.

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