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AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Gain A Deep Understanding of Your AWS Elastic Load Balancing Service

Analyze raw AWS ELB data to determine latency and optimize your system configuration based on information across all availability zones about source IPs and traffic to EC2 backend instances. Deliver delightful user experiences by identifying key trends in real-time.


With the Sumo Logic application for AWS ELB, organizations can:

  • Comprehend latency from when the load balancer started reading the request headers to when the load balancer started sending the response headers to the client
  • Analyze status codes based on the ELB and backend instances status codes
  • Drill-down and investigate any activity through the dashboards with the flexibility to set thresholds in the scheduled search
  • Gather data about the number of requests, the size of requests, the client IP address and integrate these findings into the Total Requests and Data Volume monitor for comprehensive overview of your environment


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