Sumo Logic Free: Full functionality, enterprise class

Sumo Logic Free - get started in minutes

Sumo Logic log management and analytics service is now available for free and we really mean, “It’s Free”. The free subscription offers the full feature set and includes 500MB of data per day and a 7 day retention. Customers can upgrade their Free subscription to a paid, Enterprise subscription, with no change in functionality, when they eclipse the data volume and retention of the Free service.

Sumo Logic Free vs. Sumo Logic Enterprise

Feature Description Free Enterprise
Daily Data Volume Daily volume of machine data sent to the service for management and analysis. 500 MB Unlimited
(based on subscription)
Data Retention Number of days that the data will be stored in the service and be available for analysis. 7 Days Unlimited
(based on subscription)
Total data managed Multiple of daily volume and days of retention. 3.5GB Unlimited
(based on subscription)
Users Number of users that can be provisioned on the account. 3 Unlimited
(based on subscription)
Collectors Collectors collect data from one or more sources. Unlimited Unlimited
Data sources Source of machine data being ingested. Unlimited Unlimited
Scheduled searches & alerts Execution of scheduled searches to monitor and alert based on results. 5
(unlimited for 60 days)
Dashboard monitors Advanced visualizations of real-time information. 6
(unlimited for 60 days)
Universal collection Collect machine data regardless of type, volume, source, or location.
Hosted Collection Collect via https (from on-premise or SaaS/Iaas/PaaS), or directly from an Amazon S3 bucket
Interactive distributed search Search historical and near real-time data.
Shared Searches Share saved searches across an organization.
Scheduled Searches Execution of scheduled searches according to customer defined timeframe.
Alerting Alert based on customer defined criteria.
Reporting Create custom reports from data.
Charting and Visualization Create charts and graphs based on search results.
Dashboards Real-time monitoring of applications, systems, and infrastructure.
LogReduce™ Advanced Analytics Advanced machine learning analytics.
Role Based Access Control Control access based on user, data source, type, or location.
Single sign-on integration Seamlessly integrate with single sign-on solutions. Not Available
Apps and content Prepackaged searches, reports, and dashboards delivering instant insights based on data type.
Multi-site Aggregation Collect data across multi-site infrastructures/environments.
High Availability and Redundancy Built-in high availability and data redundancy.
Support Access to technical support.

(email only)

Sumo Logic Free Solution FAQ:

What type of data can Sumo Logic Free collect and analyze?

Sumo Logic Free can collect log data from applications and infrastructure. For example, you can collect logs from files such as server logs, log4j, Apache logs, etc. You can also collect IT infrastructure logs via syslog, or even remotely collect Windows events via WMI.

How secure is my data within the Service?

At Sumo Logic, we take the security and integrity of our customers very seriously and we’ve made it part of our DNA. You can read more about the security and privacy measures employed by our security team at

What happens to my data after the retention window?

Sumo Logic Free account keeps your data for 7 days after which the data is permanently deleted from the Sumo Logic service.

What happens if I exceed Sumo Logic Free capacity?

Sumo Logic will notify you via email when we detect that you have exceeded or are about to exceed the capacity of your Sumo Logic Free account. Depending on the amount of excess data, your Sumo Logic Free account may temporarily disable certain features, stop data collection, and/or temporarily or permanently lock you out of your account.

Can I upgrade my free subscription to a paid account?

Yes, you can upgrade from the free subscription or modify your existing enterprise subscription plan at any time by simply contacting us at

Can I switch from a free subscription to an Enterprise Trial?

Yes, you can convert your free subscription to a enterprise trial by contacting us at