Demonstrate PCI Compliance in Real-Time

Demonstrate PCI Compliance in Real-Time

PCI compliance is required for any organization that accepts credit cards and the Sumo Logic Application for PCI helps to reduce the burden associated with meeting these complex and evolving requirements.

Sumo Logic Application for AWS Elastic Load Balancing

With the Sumo Logic Application for PCI Compliance, organizations can:

  • Rapidly uncover compliance events with real-time, end-to-end infrastructure monitoring
  • Leverage 58 pre-built searches, 13 dashboards and 82 reports that visually highlight every company’s current PCI compliance posture
  • Implement ad-hoc and automated audit workflows
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with compliance audits

The Sumo Logic Application for PCI Compliance is included in the company’s Enterprise Edition service

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With the increase in highly-sophisticated and publicized credit card data breaches we are doubling down on delivering the best-in-class security analytics solutions to our customers. Continuous demonstration of PCI compliance is an extremely complex and costly pursuit for organizations and our PCI application helps address this challenge with real-time, proactive monitoring, pre-built searches and dashboards.


Vance Loiselle, CEO of Sumo Logic

Our distributed, high-availability environment requires predictive, real-time event monitoring to meet stringent PCI requirements. Sumo Logic plays a critical role in making that happen and provides in-depth diagnosis that helps us improve our overall security posture for business success.


Rama Notowidigdo, CTO

Demonstrating continuous adherence with PCI and other compliance standards is a priority for CloudPassage. Sumo Logic helps us meet compliance with a unified view of our infrastructure, strengthens real-time monitoring, and meets log review and retention requirements, which shortens audit cycles.


Bart Westerink, Director of Security and Compliance

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