Sumo Logic Application for Windows

Gain A Deep Understanding of Your Windows Environment

Sumo Logic Application for Windows

Windows Server events contain valuable information related to performance, uptime, access, security, processes, applications, and more. Additionally, Windows Server logs contain critical information required to troubleshoot and optimize your Windows Servers, including finding root cause of failures, diagnosing system issues, uncovering security incidents, and identifying performance bottlenecks.

With the Sumo Logic Application for Windows, you can:

  • Collect locally or remotely and centralize all your Windows Server events across applications, system, security, custom events, and more.
  • Correlate Windows events with events generated by applications, security devices, networks and other IT infrastructure. Use our Windows Event Parser to extract granular information embedded inside Windows events.
  • Deploy real-time dashboards to monitor important Windows Server statistics such as disk, memory, and CPU utilization, error counts, running processes, access and other metrics to keep your Windows Servers effectively utilized but not overtasked.

The Sumo Logic Application for Windows helps meet the below use cases:

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