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Operations Intelligence

DevOps Observability

Reduce downtime by finding, investigating, and resolving customer-impacting issues faster with real-time alerting and dashboards for all data - logs, metrics, and traces

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Announcing new AWS Observability Solution

Centralized, cross-account monitoring of all AWS services

Consolidate operational visibility for all of your AWS services and applications in one place, across all of your AWS accounts and regions. Monitor Cloudwatch metrics, Cloudtrail events, and more in integrated dashboards.

Announcing new AWS Observability Solution

Complete visibility for your DevOps teams

“[Sumo Logic] provides complete visibility to our devops and analyst teams, assisting in alerting and monitoring our critical business serving applications.”


Raju Shetty

VP of Engineering

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor all of your key performance indicators

There is no room for error with modern application management. Minutes matter when customer experience is on the line. Detect and alert on your site reliability and performance indicators within seconds for log events and performance metrics. You can use your current incident and ticketing management process since the alerts integrate into your favorite tools like Zendesk, Slack, PagerDuty, Jira and ServiceNow.

Real-time Monitoring

Integrated Observability

Correlate logs, metrics, traces, and events in a single platform

Navigating between unintegrated operations tools wastes time and makes your problem resolution process slow and inefficient. Sumo Logic integrates all the data you need for Observability in one place for all machine data - logs, metrics, traces, and events. You can increase the efficiency of your team’s incident investigations with both out of the box and customizable dashboards and powerful analytics.

Integrated Observability

Effective Troubleshooting

Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to investigate faster

When the service is down the last thing you want to find out is that the data you need is missing or that you can ask the questions you want to because the data is not indexed correctly. Sumo Logic has the tools your team needs to follow every hypothesis and leave no stone unturned. The Infrequent data tier allows you to cost effectively store all the data needed for troubleshooting your application, and only pay when you search the data. Additionally, Sumo Logic’s query language allows your subject matter experts to explore the data and find the unknown unknowns with pattern-detection using LogReduce or look for anomalies using the Root Cause Explorer.

Effective Troubleshooting

Reduce service disruptions

LendingTree counts on Sumo Logic and Kubernetes to slash revenue-disrupting incidents while also attaining cloud vendor independence.