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December 20, 2014 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Overview: Next-Generation Log Management & Analytics

Next-Generation Machine Data Analytics

“Our log files contain a huge amount of valuable data and with Sumo Logic we’re taking our forensic analysis to an entirely new level.” - Jan Fernando, Project Architect, Limelight Networks

The Sumo Logic Service effortlessly collects, manages, and transforms all your machine data—regardless of volume, type or location—into operational efficiency and security/compliance insights.

Our innovative approach helps modern enterprises finally leverage logs and other machine data to start improving their business by:

  • Accelerating application troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and monitoring
  • Improving IT infrastructure operations
  • Strengthening security and compliance posture

Sumo Logic also allows you to effortlessly collect log data of any type, without the need for agents, parsers, or appliances. Examples include:

  • Custom and off-the-shelf applications
  • Network infrastructure such as routers, switches, proxies
  • Systems, virtualization, and data center infrastructure
  • Security infrastructure such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Cloud infrastructure such as Akamai and AWS Cloudfront CDNs

Sumo Logic is designed for modern enterprises that operate private data centers but also embrace the cloud. Our advanced, cloud-powered analytics engine helps enterprises uncover valuable insights automatically.

Cloud-Based from the Ground Up:

Sumo Logic’s service slashes TCO by greatly simplifying provisioning and eliminating the need to manage your on-premise systems as well as purchasing costly network-attached storage and storage area networks.

Elastic Processing:

Sumo Logic’s patented Elastic Log Processing TM (ELP) engine scales each service component independently to meet each customer’s compute, storage and processing requirements on demand. ELP ‘s absolute scalability supports the first real-time indexing engine designed specifically for Big Data-scale volumes.

Universal Collection:

Sumo Logic is designed from the ground-up to securely and reliably collect data from any enterprise environment, including those with Big Data scale requirements. Data is securely and reliably collected through either local collection (via Sumo Logic Collectors) or through hosted collection (via https or directly from Amazon S3).

Managed Retention:

Sumo Logic retains all your log data in a highly secure, reliable repository so you never have to deal with data archiving, backups and restores, or redundancy strategies. And globally distributed data retention architecture keeps your log data available at all times for instant analysis.

Real-Time Forensics:

Our Real-Time Forensics engine delivers search results from terabytes of log data in seconds, uncovering valuable and actionable insights about new events occurring throughout your infrastructure. You can respond instantly to anomalous conditions to prevent network outages, uncover security breaches, and stave off application downtime.

Log Reduce and Anomaly Detection:

Patent-pending LogReduce® technology leverages machine learning to reduce millions of log lines into a single page of meaningful patterns. Anomaly Detection (based on LogReduce®) enables enterprises to extend beyond the human limitation of pre-defined rules and reports by automatically detecting anomalies in streams of machine data.

Sumo Logic Difference


Built from the ground up to take advantage of the flexibility, management and cost-saving efficiencies of the cloud. Deploys in less than 15 minutes.

Elastic Log Processing

Collect, manage and analyze all your log data, regardless of type, volume or location.

Advanced Analytics

Patent-pending LogReduce® and Anomaly Detection technologies leverage machine learning to generate insights without need for human input.

Sumo Logic Difference


Implements high level of data encryption in transit and at rest. Each customer data is logically separated and access is audited.


Leverages geographically distributed data centers to provide unparalleled reliability and data redundancy.


Collect, manage, and analyze from on-premise data centers, remote locations, and cloud deployments with ease.

Use Sumo Logic for Free

  • Easy to deploy: Sumo Free enables you to collect and analyze logs in minutes with no hardware or storage to manage
  • Enterprise-level functionality: Sumo Free contains all the features of our enterprise-class solution
  • Perpetual usage: Sumo Free is perpetually free for up to 3 users, and offers the ability to send 500MB of data per day and retain for 7 days (total 3.5GB of data). To send additional data, add more users, or retain data for a longer period of time, easily upgrade to our enterprise version.

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