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A Cloud SIEM that you can rapidly deploy, easily learn, and collaborate

Sumo Logic can be your first cloud SIEM, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution. Consolidate your log management, compliance, and security analytics tools into one. Thousands of enterprises rely on Sumo Logic Security Analytics for their day-to-day security operations.

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Cloud SIEM

Leverage cloud-native SIEM to detect and respond to threats in multi-cloud or hybrid environments.


Continuous compliance

Receive assurance with compliance eligible solutions through certifications (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, etc.)

Secure Intellectual Property

Platform security

Robust platform by integrating security principles into development process from the get go.

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Autonomous SOC

Build and automate your SOC using our Cloud SIEM and Autonomous SOC solution to reduce your alert fatigue and improve efficiency.

Build and maintain your SOC

“Sumo Logic has been phenomenal for helping us achieve our privacy and security goals. You really get the feeling that they are concerned with making sure that you’re going to be successful as an organization.”


John Visneski

Director of Information Security and Data Protection Officer

Sumo Logic knows the security of Kubernetes and AWS

A Cloud SIEM for your multicloud architecture

A Cloud SIEM for your multicloud architecture

Secure your cloud journey before, during and after cloud migration to AWS, Azure, and GCP. Consolidate your security across IaaS and SaaS solution.

“Adoption of the Sumo Logic platform across our organization has quickly grown helping us to move and operate with a more focused DevSecOps approach.”

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Detect and respond to threats and attacks

Detect and respond to threats and attacks

Enforce security configurations and monitor for their drifts on a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. Integrated threat intelligence for full-stack threat detection.

“With Sumo Logic, it’s like somebody took the blindfold off, and we could see what was potentially impacting our business.”

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Continuous compliance delivered at cloud scale

Continuous compliance delivered at cloud scale

A FedRAMP Ready security intelligence platform to deploy audit and compliance solutions from the cloud. Certified for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2.0 and more.

“Sumo Logic allows us to develop and deploy instrumentation allowing us to identify patterns and trends which in turn helps in proactively improving the performance of data processing and quality of insights delivery to our customers.”


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