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Why Twitter Chose Sumo Logic to Address PCI Compliance

For many businesses, compliance, management and data protection in the cloud have been a major challenge due to the shared responsibility model and automation of public cloud infrastructure. Ensuring consistent security controls across hybrid environments requires new methodologies for security and auditing teams. At the AWS Loft event in San Francisco last night, over 100 […]

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2 Key Principles for Creating Meaningful Alerts

When many of our customers discover real-time alerts, they’re usually so excited to have that kind of visibility into their systems that their first reaction is to set up alerts for whatever they can think of. Tracking everything from critical application errors to shopping cart abandon events might seem like a great idea—until you find […]

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Good SourceCategory, bad sourceCategory

Setting sourceCategory values, especially for a small set of sources, may seem trivial at first. Good sourceCategory values are however indispensable for scale and performance in the long term. This blog post discusses some best practices around sourceCategory values. Source Categories have 3 main purposes: 1) Scoping your searches 2) Indexing (partitioning) your data 3) […]

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Delivering a Speedy Site: Sumo Logic On Top of CDN Logs!

Why Do We Need CDNs? Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) distribute web sites and content beyond their origins to data centers and other locations across deserts, oceans and seas.  Expanding the availability of your data across multiple data centers to improve performance and user experience the hard way without a CDN would typically exhaust precious company […]

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Why You Should Add Wire Data to Your Sumo Logic

By Chris Abella, Technical Marketing Engineer, ExtraHop Networks My coworkers and I hooked our coffee maker up to the office Wi-Fi the minute we found out we could (we’re engineers after all). We’re located in Seattle, so the chances we’d buy a coffee machine that can’t be connected to the Internet are slim. We got excited when […]

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CSI: Cloud (Pilot coming soon to your AWS stack.)

You know how they get the bad guys on CSI.   We have seen the “police procedural” drama played out so often, it’s almost second nature: Listen to what they say they did. Examine the physical evidence to see what they actually did. Compare and confront (the fun part). It’s the discrepancies that drive the drama. […]

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Centralizing Your Application Log Data

As an application developer, you know how important it is to monitor the health and behavior of your application. In addition to catching stack traces, you know that logging custom app events and metrics will tell you a lot more about the what’s happening within your app than simply relying on external observation. Which is […]

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Explore your Data with Interactive Dashboards

We are excited about one of our newest features, Interactive Dashboards. Interactive Dashboards is the second major release of a longer term project for changing the way Sumo Logic dashboards work. Based on the feedback from you, our users, we are working to make our dashboarding technology more flexible and easier to use. In this […]

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Monitoring AWS Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancers with Log Analytics

In the first article of this series, we introduced the basics of AWS log analytics by correlating logs between S3 and CloudTrail on an Apache application running atop an EC2 server. But, the whole point of being in the cloud is to have a dynamic infrastructure. Instead of being bound to physical servers, you’re able […]

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3 Ways to make your Data work for you – on AWS and everywhere else

This is an exciting time to be in the Enterprise software business. Many of the predictions we heard in the late 90s and early 2000s are finally coming true. First, we are finally moving from the world of the server artist (pronounced “Arteeste”) lovingly caring for his server, to a world where any self-respecting operations […]

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