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Big Data has a BIG STORY
No. More. Noise.

756 ‘real’ emails this week, 3200+ more generated by machines and approximately 78,000 push notifications, todos, Jira tasks and text messages – all asking for a piece of your attention. Oh, did you want to get some work done? There’s also a line of people waiting to interrupt you or ask someone near you a […]

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Get ready for PCI, just like we did!

Security is probably top of mind for your enterprise. Companies like Home Depot, Target, Anthem and countless others had painful lessons in 2014, and their security breaches have grown to affect every business in the United States. As if it wasn’t difficult enough keeping tabs on every system in your company, the PCI 3.0 specification went […]

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Optimizing Selectivity in Search Queries

While we at Sumo Logic constantly work to improve search performance automatically, there are some improvements that can only be made by humans who understand what question a search query answers and what the data looks like. In a Sumo Logic query, operators are chained together with the pipe symbol ( | ) to calculate […]

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A New Look for Your Data

As some of you may have seen by now, we’ve launched a fantastic new look and feel for our Dashboards. From top to bottom, we’ve added more unicorns, rainbows and cat-meme-powered visualizations. The end result? We hope you’ll agree: it’s a breath of fresh air that brings a bit more power to your analytics inside […]

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“Goezinta- Goezoutta” – Sumo Logic to align on Power BI

You are wondering about the title. More on that in a minute, first, a peek into why the next great thing in BI gets even better with Big Data insights. So what is Power BI? Power BI is a new SaaS based BI solution from Microsoft. As Microsoft puts it – Power BI fundamentally transforms […]

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An Official Docker Image For The Sumo Logic Collector

Learning By Listening, And Doing Over the last couple of months, we have spent a lot of time learning about Docker, the distributed application delivery platform that is taking the world by storm. We have started looking into how we can best leverage Docker for our own service. And of course, we have spent a […]

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Shifting Into Overdrive

  How Our Journey Began Four years ago, my co-founder Kumar and I were just two guys who called coffee shops our office space. We had seen Werner Vogel’s AWS vision pitch at Stanford and imagined a world of Yottabyte scale where machine learning algorithms could make sense of it all. We dreamed of becoming […]

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Improving Misfit Wearable’s Devices With Sumo Logic

At Misfit Wearables, we’ve been using Sumo Logic with great success and we wanted to share our story.  We create smart devices that promote fitness and wellness.  In order to develop great devices, capturing and analyzing data are critical tasks.  We previously used a well-known open source log management tool.  This tool was slow, limited […]

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Have you found the right APM?

When choosing an Application Performance Management (APM) provider to complement your log analytics solution, it is important to consider factors such as ease of integration, breadth of features offered and alignment with your growing business needs.  APM solutions are metrics focused, they do a great job of identifying latency spikes, drop offs in user interaction, […]

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Use AWS CloudTrail to Avoid a Console Attack

Our app for AWS CloudTrail now offers a dashboard specifically for monitoring console login activity. In the past months since the AWS team added this feature, we decided to break out these user activities in order to provide better visibility into what’s going on with your AWS account. Many of you might think of this […]

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Certified, bonafide, on your side

“How do I build trust with a cloud-based service?”  This is the most common question Sumo Logic is asked, and we’ve got you covered. We built the service so it was not just an effortless choice for enterprise customers but the obvious one and building trust through a secure architecture was one of the first […]

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