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Big Data has a BIG STORY
Can Your Analytics Platform Do This?

Scaling a service can be a double-edged sword. If your app, your game, your online store or your next generation payment service starts to take off, the business team is popping champagne, while the operations team is often scrambling to scale the service out. Last Sunday was the season finale of Silicon Valley on HBO […]

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Bodystorm

Last week I wrote about mapping a Service Blueprint to build a better SaaS product from the “Transforming Customer Experience” training at Cooper U. Another valuable tool we learned is “Bodystorming”. Bodystorming is a technique that can be very helpful when designing customer interactions. Rather than imagining an interaction by brainstorming, the idea of bodystorming is […]

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Using Sleeper Cells to Load Test Microservices

In the good old days of monolithic services, basic load testing was relatively straightforward. You’d start your service on a production-like server, maybe a database. Then, you’d point a load generation tool at it and measure how much load the service could push through. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated in microservices architectures, especially […]

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Monitoring and Analytics with the new Sumo Logic Docker App

Hello world! Today at Dockercon SF, we’re excited to announce GA availability of the Sumo Logic Application for Docker! We’ve heard from many customers that comprehensive out-of-the-box visibility and analytics capabilities for Docker are an important part of effectively managing modern containerized applications. In order to help our customers troubleshoot and monitor their growing Docker infrastructures we’ve created a Docker App […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Make A Service Blueprint For Your Service

4 reasons why you should put together a Service Blueprint for your service: You understand that providing a cohesive customer experience is a requirement in today’s service-oriented society You want to understand your customer experience in its entirety You want to identify places where you can improve the entire customer service experience You want to […]

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Sumo Logic AWS VPC Flow Log Application

Hola peeps, Exciting times here at Sumo Logic! Last week we announced a new round of funding Sumo Logic Raises 80 Million  and this week we are EXCITED to holla about our upcoming release of the AWS VPC Flow Log App! See the AWS blog by @jeffbarr a high level VPC Flow Logs allow AWS […]

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Introduction to Apache Log Analytics, Part I

It’s hard to understand the benefits of an Apache log analyzer without actually using one to explore your own logs. So, we’ve created a hands-on walkthrough of Sumo Logic’s Apache log analytics capabilities. If you’ve never used a dedicated log analyzer, this series will revolutionize your outlook on monitoring an Apache infrastructure. Getting a Handle […]

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The Power of 5

Five years, five rounds of financing, five hundred customers already and 500 Sumo employees down the road. And there’s another 5 hidden in this story which you will have to puzzle out yourself. We welcome our new investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth and Institutional Venture Partners, as well as Glynn Capital and Tenaya Capital. And […]

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Collecting In-Container Log Files

Docker and the use of containers is spreading like wildfire. In a Docker-ized environment, certain legacy practices and approaches are being challenged. Centralized logging is the one of them. The most popular way of capturing logs coming from a container is to setup the containerized process such that it logs to stdout. Docker then spools […]

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RSA 2015 “Rise of the Cloud Illuminati”

In 2012, I wrote a Blog on how the RSA Conference was “Back to the Golden Age”. Now, in 2015, it has been confirmed. The excitement created by cloud startup solutions and the SecOps movement has more hype than the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout! Having said that, all this great energy has an undercurrent […]

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