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Big Data has a BIG STORY
VPC Flow Logging in a DevOps Environment

In a cloud environment, Your online application, service or web site isn’t just – it’s also the backend, plus the hosting medium, IP connection, search engine visibility, and an open-ended (and growing) list of other factors.

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What is Full Stack Deployment?

With full stack deployments, everything is re-deployed. The virtual machine is replaced with a fresh one, the operating system is reprovisioned, and any dependent services are recreated or reconfigured. Here’s what you need to know about full-stack deployments.

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A Strategy for Container Adoption

The foundation of your infrastructure, whether you’re in a public cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise, can inform your container adoption strategy. Here’s how you can approach container adoption in any environment.

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IT teams: How to remain an organizational asset in this ‘digital or die’ era

Insights from a former enterprise CIO and now chief operations officer for a startup This blog was contributed by our customer friends at Spark Ventures. It was written by Peter Yates (@peteyatesnz) who is the head of operations and platform delivery. When IT does not break, it’s all good but when things go wrong it’s all hands […]

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Sumo Logic Takes Center Stage at PCI Europe Community Meeting

Back in Aug 19, 2015, we announced that Sumo Logic has joined the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) as a participating organization, and is also an active member in the “Daily Log Monitoring” Special Interest Group (SIG). The purpose of the SIG and primary reason we joined, is to provide helpful guidance and techniques to organizations […]

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Microservices Versus Monoliths

Microservices have demonstrated an ability to deliver flexibility at scale, but controversy continues as teams weigh their benefits against the traditional monolithic structure that has reliably proven to enable rapid development.

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Log Analysis in a DevOps Environment

Log analysis is a first-rate debugging tool for DevOps. But if all you’re using it for is finding and preventing trouble, you may be missing some of the major benefits of log analysis.

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