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Big Data has a BIG STORY
5 Ways to Gain Insights Through Machine Data

While monitoring and tracking are critical when optimizing infrastructure and application performance, machine data can be useful in countless other ways. Here are five methods for gathering intelligence from machine data.

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What Are Isomorphic Applications?

Isomorphic applications attempt to mix the best parts of the front-end (“the client”) and the backend (“the server”) by allowing the same code to run on both sides. Here are the challenges.

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Introducing the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config

Introducing the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config: Real-Time Cloud Visibility The best part about an AWS infrastructure is its dynamic and flexible nature, the ability to add/delete/modify resources at any time, allowing you to rapidly meet the needs of the business. However, operating and monitoring that dynamic AWS environment on a daily basis is a […]

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Does Docker Deployment Make Bare Metal Relevant?

Is bare metal infrastructure relevant in a DevOps world? The cloud has reduced hardware to little more than a substrate for the pool of resources that is the cloud itself. Those resources are the important part; the hardware is little more than a formality. Or at least that’s been the standard cloud-vs-metal story, until recently. […]

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Carsales Drives Confidently into the Cloud with Sumo Logic

I always love talking to customers and hearing how they’re using Sumo Logic to help solve challenges within their organizations, particularly those that in the middle of their journey to moving workloads and data to the cloud. Without fail, I’m always surprised to learn how hard the day-to-day was for IT teams, and how by […]

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