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Application Monitoring

Use Application Monitoring to reduce downtime and solve issues faster

An integrated application monitoring platform for all of your data across the entire development lifecycle

Application Monitoring and Observability

Flexible, modern licensing that allows to use all relevant data without compromise

Troubleshoot your microservices, not your observability bill

Sumo Logic’s flexible credit-based licensing gives you complete control and never penalizes your usage or architecture choices. In comparison to other tools, Sumo Logic’s Infrequent Data Tier removes the Data Tax and allows ingesting data without worrying about excessive analytics costs.

Sumo Logic’s licensing model provides:

  • Predictable — no penalties or overages for going over the original estimated data size in the contract, or custom metrics.
  • Flexibility to adopt products — self-service use of products (logs, metrics, tracing, SIEM, data tiers, and more), no need to license every product or functionality. In comparison to other tools, use whatever you want, however you like, and available to all users.
  • No waste — eliminate waste by automatically applying credits to only what is being used.
Flexible, modern licensing that allows to use all relevant data without compromise

Microservices Observability

All the tools you need for observability, in one place

Reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues faster with an integrated observability platform for all of your application data.

Sumo Logic’s Microservices Observability solution provides coverage across all of your data – performance metrics, logs and events, and distributed tracing – on a highly scalable, secure, cost-effective analytics platform.

Microservices Observability

Powerful Analytics Tools

Faster incident response to reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues

Sumo Logic’s integrated analytics platform seamlessly correlates system issues measured by: performance monitoring, the deep visibility provided by logging, user experience monitoring provided by tracing and transaction analytics, and security visibility with integrated security analytics.

That same platform also provides superior performance and the sophisticated analytics that engineers need to uncover and solve the most complicated issues quickly with tools like:

  • Data-driven intelligence — High-performance, AI and ML-driven capabilities such as our patented LogReduce and LogCompare pattern analyses to detect anomalies and extract insights in real-time faster, without the need to sample data.
  • Analytics Schema — parse on-write & on-search gives users the flexibility to allow users to handle logs that may not have been parsed out.
  • Apps and Integrations — 240+ apps and integrations, so you can ingest and store all of your operational data all in one place.
Powerful Analytics Tools

Audit and Compliance

Analytics-driven compliance monitoring

Determine your compliance with ease using cloud-native scalability across your cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Continuous compliance — Cloud-native security and configuration analytics that provides the data monitoring, analysis, and reporting required for rapid, cost-effective continuous compliance readiness for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, SOX, ISO, COBIT, and others.
  • Proactive analytics — Advanced analytics tools provide real-time insights into your compliance and security posture across your cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Granular compliance reporting — Granular dashboards and reports provide visibility to quickly and easily demonstrate compliance readiness and security best practices.
Audit and Compliance

Security Intelligence

Security Analytics

Compared to other tools, Sumo Logic’s cloud-native solution supports the entire spectrum of security use cases—from logging, compliance posture, to monitoring and securing hybrid clouds, to delivering market-leading SIEM capabilities.

  • Cloud security monitoring — Monitor and secure your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with central log management (CLM) for AWS, Azure, GCP, and business-critical SaaS applications.
Security Intelligence

Real-time application monitoring is the lifeblood of modern business

“When you’re running a modern app-based start-up, real-time is the lifeblood of the business. Every day we are thinking about scale and do we have the right tools in place to speed the delivery of features and mature our model. We are all in on observability and Sumo Logic is providing the real-time insights and intelligence across our business to operate like a bank and protect our customer data.”


Jem Walters

Co-founder and CTO

Monitor, secure, and optimize your apps

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