Optimizing Cloud Security: GuardDuty + Sumo Logic

Unified security monitoring and threat detection inside AWS and beyond


Sumo Logic provides a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics platform, to convert machine data into real-time continuous intelligence, providing organizations with the full-stack visibility, analytics and insights they need to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures.The Sumo Logic AWS GuardDuty app provides prebuilt dashboards to quickly leverage and centralize visibility into the security of your AWS GuardDuty environments. The Sumo Logic GuardDuty dashboards enhance and enrich the GuardDuty analytics feeds with rich graphical depictions of any security findings, trends in each of the AWS environments, identification of outliers, and other relevant event data over time to help in simplifying the management of security and compliance efforts.

Rapid security insights

Gain rapid insights into the severity and frequency of GuardDuty findings for more rapid and effective remediation efforts.

Click to fix

Simply click on any AWS GuardDuty finding from the Sumo Logic dashboard and instantly be routed to your AWS EC2 environment for rapid remediation efforts.

Granular search and analytics

GuardDuty findings and raw log data can easily be filtered by "tags" for more granular search and detailed analysis. Search "Tag" types include User ID, Region, VPC, subnet, instance ID, ports, IPs, Principle ID, Access Key ID, etc.

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