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Sumo Logic Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS

Secure your AWS cloud infrastructure and drive DevSecOps with a single source of truth

Monitor cloud security posture, cloud configurations and manage cloud risk in your AWS environment with ease, thanks to unified visibility

App Observability

Bringing all your AWS security into view

Automatically ingest, consolidate, and visualize logs from multiple AWS security services, accounts, and regions out-of-the-box security policy checks so you can identify security control failures easily. Unify security log data for comprehensive visibility and a single source of truth and automated remediation playbooks to speed MTTR.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloud-native configuration monitoring

Pre-built security content alerts on AWS configuration errors and real-time dashboards help users identify and correct misconfigurations quickly. AWS Security Hub policy checks help enforce proper security standards (e.g., suspicious config activity) all from a single platform that unifies security findings for faster remediation across traditionally siloed teams, allowing them to transition seamlessly from security to logs for monitoring and troubleshooting.


One platform for effective risk management

Deploy via AWS CloudFormation template to be up and running in 30 minutes. AI-driven anomaly detection surfaces cloud risks and makes it easy to identify and prioritize potential issues, with provided automated remediation playbooks to mitigate risk. Normalize data across sources to rapidly transition between AWS security services, streamlining DevSecOps collaboration and remediation with a single cloud-native platform.