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Endace App for Sumo Logic

One-Click Access to Endace Always-on Hybrid Cloud Packet Capture to rapidly respond to the most serious threats or issues.

Get the complete picture with Endace packet capture integrated with Sumo Logic.

Bring clarity to every incident, alert, or issue with Endace packet capture evidence integrated directly into the Sumo Logic platform. Packets are the ultimate tamperproof source of truth that accelerates incident response for security threats, outages, and performance issues. This integration provides your operations team with fast access to the network packets (pcap) related to any incident or threat for rapid and precise incident response.

Detect Insider Threats

Stop threats early in the kill-chain

See exactly what’s happening before, during and after every event with hard evidence that allows you to fully understand and isolate cybersecurity threats before exploitation.


Eliminate unnecessary compliance reporting

Understand the full extent of any security threat to know what and if any data was exfiltrated, so you can precisely determine what needs be reported to authorities, markets, or affected customers.

150x150 cloud siem

Cloud and On-Premise packet capture

Cloud and on-premise packet capture in a single solution, integrated with sumo logic, so you can investigate threats anywhere on your hybrid cloud infrastructure.