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Integrate Cymulate

Know, control, and optimize your cybersecurity posture

Test, validate, and refine your security program through Extended Security Posture Management (XPSM)

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Validate Sumo Logic data sources

Enable your security team to verify integrations and other security controls are enabled properly. From the Cymulate console, confirm that Cymulate attacks are both being detected and alerted by Sumo Logic.


Streamline Sumo Logic security alerting

Use forensic artifacts from Cymulate testing to refine and tune Sumo Logic alerting. Simulated attack artifacts, including hash values, domain names, host evidence, etc., provided through attack simulation analysis, empowers your SOC to tune and update faster and easier.

Detect Insider Threats

Understand preventative and detective control effectiveness

Assess the effectiveness of preventative and detective controls such as EDR, WAF, eMail gateway, DLP, and more. Use Cymulate’s testing scenarios and integration with Sumo Logic to determine where controls worked, and more importantly, where they’ve failed. This valuable insight can inform a security team where they might focus their efforts, as well as where there might be a need for greater investment.