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Jamf Protect App for Sumo Logic

Analyze events and uncover anomalies across your Mac and Mobile fleet with Jamf Protect

Get end-to-end visibility of your Mac and mobile fleet with Jamf Protect and Sumo Logic

The Jamf Protect App for Sumo Logic empowers security teams with in-depth visibility into Mac security events, providing integrated visualization for enriched investigation into macOS threat alerting with tuned endpoint telemetry data streams. This app supports data streams from the macOS Security & Jamf Security Cloud portals, resulting in a single collection point for all endpoint and network based events occurring across your Mac and mobile device fleet.

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Pre-Built Dashboards

Empower your security strategy with Jamf's pre-built dashboards, delivering comprehensive insights into events from Alerts & Unified Logs, Jamf Protect Telemetry, and Jamf Security Cloud's Threat Events Stream, offering a streamlined and informative overview for proactive threat management.

Valuable Security Insights

Industry-leading visibility into Apple platform security

Industry-leading visibility into Apple platform security, ensuring a robust and secure IT environment for businesses embracing the power of the Apple platform.

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Correlate events with other logs in Sumo Logic

Providing unparalleled visibility and insights from the Apple Platform by effortlessly correlating data with other logs for enhanced security and operational intelligence.