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JFrog Xray App for Sumo Logic

Investigate and correlate information coming from JFrog Xray to better understand the full impact of vulnerable artifacts across all environments

Detect, investigate and remediate vulnerabilities in your artifacts and container images


Detect and prioritize vulnerable artifacts before they make to production environments

Dashboards that provide you detailed insight into Xray issues, vulnerable artifacts and components.

Collect And Centralize

Detect sources and use of vulnerable artifacts

Get insight around users and client IP addresses that have both uploaded and downloaded vulnerable artifacts to and from Artifactory by correlating Xray alerts with Artifactory logs. You can also get real-time visualizations of indicators of compromise (IOCs) in your environment via in-built correlations with Sumo Logic Threat Intel.

Monitor And Visualize

Identify vulnerable running containers in real-time

Identify vulnerable containers, as well as hosts and namespaces associated with them running in production Kubernetes environments

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