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Tracetest App for Sumo Logic

Use distributed tracing for testing. Assert against every part of a request transaction.

Build Tests 98% Faster Using Sumo Logic's Distributed Traces

See how Tracetest helps visualize services, APIs, and their interactions. Build test specs at every point of a request transaction visually and intuitively with Sumo Logic’s distributed traces. Run end-to-end tests both manually and in CI/CD.

Infrastructure Monitoring

98% Less Time to Construct E2E Tests

Streamline your testing process by visually creating integration and end-to-end tests using existing observability data, cutting down the build time from days to minutes and eliminating manual coding.

App Observability

Deploy with Confidence

Minimize the necessity for mocking and uncover deep service interaction issues before production, while smartly crafting the right tests for effective quality assurance.

Cloud SOAR

Get Started in Minutes

Quickly connect to Sumo Logic and go from installation to executing your first end-to-end test in just minutes.