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JFrog and Sumo Logic’s Top Developers Speak Out on CI/CD, Docker and Microservices

As part of the Sumo Logic’s Thought Leadership Series, JFrog’s Co-founder and Chief Architect, Fred Simon, came together with Sumo Logic’s Chief Architect, Stefan Zier, last week to share their insights into topics ranging from continuous integration and delivery to building apps with Docker and architecting for microservices. The series launches in advance of a webinar […]

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Sumo Dojo Winners – Using Docker, FluentD and Sumo Logic for Deployment Automation

Recently, Sumo Dojo ran a contest in the community see who is analyzing Docker logs with Sumo Logic, and how. The contest ran the month of June and  was presented at DockerCon. Last week, the Sumo Dojo selected the winner, Brandon Milsom, from Australia-based company Fugro Roames. Roames uses remote sensing laser (LIDAR) technology to create interactive 3D asset […]

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JFrog Artifactory Users Gain Real-time Continuous Intelligence with New Partnership

As software development teams move from waterfall development to continuous delivery, the artifact repository has become core to the delivery process where every change you submit to the repository is a potential release candidate. The ability to capture test results and then apply advanced analytics enables you to make decisions based on metadata and logs […]

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