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Video guidelines and assets

In order to reinforce our branding, it is crucial that all video content be exported at the appropriate settings and format. The end-board animation must be used in all published videos.

All storyboard and draft edit of each video needs to be reviewed by the brand team. Please submit storyboard or videos to

Aspect ratio

All videos should be recorded in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with at least 29.97 FPS in high-definition. The recommended video size is 1920x1080.

Copy & Typeface

All videos should use our primary typeface, Lab Grotesque.

All copy should be in sentence case formatting. The one exception is: proper nouns, which are always title case (initial cap).

Lower third

If we are introducing someone in the video, a lower third graphic may be used to introduce the person's name, company, and their title.

To use this lower third template, edit the proper name/title in Photoshop. Once that is completed, save the PSD file and import the layers into your video editor.

Transition effects

Fade-in time: 00:00:02:00 (2 seconds)

Static frame: ~ 00:00:07:00 (Around 5 seconds)

Fade-out time: 00:00:02:00 (2 seconds)

Lower third

Dialogue & narration

It is pertinent to speak clearly and slowly when recording any dialogue or narration for videos. Your tone and energy can dictate the mood of your audience. When possible, please isolate your voice or narration from any background noise that might be distracting. An external microphone is highly recommended for recording. Try to do all recordings with the same equipment and room/environment for a consistent sound.

All dialogue or narration should come to a stop before the end-board animation sequence.

Music & soundtrack

Currently there is no official "sound" or "music" for Sumo Logic. When using music for your videos, please ensure we have full rights and license specifically for commercial-use. Music may play through the end-board animation and fade-out by the last frame for a seamless experience.

Please use good judgement on what music is appropriate for your video. Make sure the volume is not too loud and drowns out any dialogue if present. When in doubt, please contact the Brand Team for guidance.

Sumo Logic watermark

The Sumo Logic watermark maximizes our brand presence in videos. Please use the following watermark template when creating your video. The watermark sits directly at the bottom-right edge of the title safe guideline and just inside the action safe line.

To use the watermark template, simply place this PSD layer on top of your video content.

Make sure the Sumo Logic watermark does not appear over our endboard animation.

Sumo Logic watermark

End-board animation

Add one of these animation clip to your video timeline so the end-board plays after your video content. This is for external and internal videos and videos associated with Sumo Logic events. There are 2 sound options and a silent version available for use. See guidelines below to ensure which end board animation to use for your video.

All dialogue or narration in video must come to a stop before any of the end-board animations.

My video has music

✓ Use the silent endboard animation

✓ Must have the music in your video play through to the end of the end-board animation

My video does not have any music

✓ Use any end-board anmation with sound or no sound

Corporate end-board

The "See business differently with continuous intelligence" end-board animation may be used as a primary brand and corporate logo sign off in applications where both logo and tagline is needed.

Download corporate tagline lockup end-board animation

Product and solution tagline lockup end-board

The "Continuous Intelligence Platform™" end-board animation may be used as a logo sign off for the Continuous Intelligence Platform, product solutions or offerings where both logo and tagline is needed.

Download product and solution tagline lockup animation

Export settings

H.264 - This is the preferred method of video encoding that will maximize quality with low bitrate and file size. Upon export, the H.264 compression will create a .MP4 video file. When possible, this is the setting you should use for optimal upload speed and playback for YouTube or Vimeo. If your video uses alpha channels or transparencies, do not use this.

.MOV - Quicktime's .mov is the preferable choice for exporting videos with an Alpha Channel.

.AVI - While this produces the best quality image, the file size is generally very large and can create a lag during playback if the .AVI file is uncompressed. AVIs can support videos with Alpha Channel.