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Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard for modern applications and enterprises. Organizations that weren’t fortunate to be born cloud-native are playing catch-up by migrating their on-premise servers into the cloud. However, many companies were born before cloud computing became the norm and they're quickly playing catch up by migrating their servers onto the cloud. Whichever strategy they decide to go with -- lift and shift, drop and shop, re-architecture their platform, or some combo -- it's often a lengthy process.

Overlooking cloud security has a chance to expose data, degrade performance, neglect regulatory compliance, and more.

In this paper, we depict five specific scenarios where using a machine data aggregation and analytics platform such as Sumo Logic can be an invaluable aid as you prepare to carry out a shift from on-premise to the cloud:

  1. Planning for the migration
  2. Monitoring application performance
  3. Validating security
  4. Assuring compliance
  5. Establishing crucial key performance indicators (KPI)

Download the complimentary white paper to help with your cloud migration.