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Global SRE Pulse 2022 - The state of SRE adoption, deployment and automation

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“SREs are in high demand, and it’s not just traditional technology companies that want them. Any business that delivers digital products for their customers has a stake in ensuring reliability, stability and incremental improvements.”

DevOps Institute

In the two decades since Google first coined the term site reliability engineering (SRE), the practice has evolved and taken root in a range of organizations. Research into enterprises seeking to accelerate their digital transformations or improve their systems and operations has been limited, which is why the DevOps Institute surveyed over 460 SRE leaders to learn more.

This report is the first-ever Global SRE Pulse, investigating the current state of SRE in 2022. Participants included leaders and practitioners from both midsize and large enterprises. The findings show that the SRE operating model is well established, even as it’s leveraged to varying degrees across organizations.

Access the full report for details around:

  • Top reasons to adopt SRE
  • Challenges to expanding SRE deployment
  • Benefits of SRE for company culture and employee engagement
  • Best practices for reliability management
  • Impact of SRE on customer and partner experience

In addition to the comprehensive report, we also have an infographic available for download for a bite-sized version of the report’s findings.

“SRE is the essential “newOps” that fulfills the goals of enterprises leveraging “DevOps” transformations to achieve improved agility, efficiency, stability, quality, security and human satisfaction — all reliably at scale. Without SRE, traditional ITOps does not keep up with the accelerated continuous deliveries enabled by DevOps. Yet DevOps practices alone only get you to production. SRE practices are essential to inform how to prepare and operate software production as a complement to modern DevOps practices.”

CEO, Engineering DevOps

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