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November 18, 2015 By Sumo Logic

IT Visibility with Sumo Logic

Today’s IT environment is more complex then ever before. With cloud infrastructures, multi-vendor environments, borderless applications and continuous deployments models, all generating data at an unprecedented scale, problem identification and repair present formidable challenges. IT teams attempt to analyze their infrastructures in monitoring silos, where a failure in one area can impact an entire service, generating multiple alerts across multiple tools – resulting in silos of management and monitoring. IT is under pressure to keep critical business applications and services running to meet the demands of the business and customer. Buts with multiple legacy monitoring tools this can present quite a challenge. IT teams require a modern solution that integrates with their current environment and provides end-to-end visibility in a single unified view for all their applications and supporting infrastructure. Sumo Logic - The Service for IT Operations Sumo Logic is the cloud-native service that helps deliver visibility into the operation of an organization’s IT infrastructure. By ingesting the growing pool of machine data generated within the IT environment, Sumo Logic easily delivers critical performance, availability, configuration, capacity, and security insights to help you monitor and support your critical business apps and underlying IT infrastructure. The secure by design analytics service starts delivering value within minutes and operates at unprecedented scale, while helping customers further reduce cost and complexity. Proven machine learning analytics, integrations, and purpose-built apps ensure mission critical applications and services run smoothly. The Sumo Logic Service Model Advantage
  • Eliminate monitoring silos by merging all your application and IT infrastructure data
  • Discover meaningful patterns in your IT data and resolve issues faster
  • Detect abnormalities in the performance and usage of your applications and IT systems
  • Create unified views of applications and the underlying IT infrastructure
  • Optimize resource utilization and improve system uptime and reliability
  • Analyze trends and patterns
  • View a single unified source of truth across the environment
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