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We are cloud native. Splunk is not. And that makes all the difference.

Get one unified cloud-native solution for all of your security and observability needs.

Cloud is not a foreign language we learned. It’s our native tongue.

Sumo Logic didn't adapt to cloud computing, we started with it. No one speaks it more fluently and no one else offers a unified solution to modernize your approach to security and observability.

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Sumo Logic's cloud-native architecture helps fast-growing businesses ingest data more efficiently to scale services more effectively.

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“Savings Estimator” is for illustrative purposes only. Actual pricing may vary. “Potential reduction in cost” includes promotional offers. Splunk pricing estimates calculated using “Splunk Cloud” price data from third-party marketplace offering(s). Total cost(s) vary based on package type, data volume, and deployment region(s). Additional terms and conditions apply. Please contact Sumo Logic for details.

Why choose Sumo Logic over Splunk?

Sumo Logic Splunk
Unified, cloud-native platform

Get one cloud-native platform for observability and security

Purchase multiple products that aren't integrated or unified

Dynamic scalability

Scale without limits

Requires additional provisioning to ingest and search at scale

Security & certifications

Get security and certifications, right out of the box

Pay more for security, including encryption-at-rest

Low-cost, long-term data retention options

Longer retention without significant impact on pricing

High cost for active storage >90 days

Training and workshops

No-cost training and certifications

Pay for all training and support modules


Easy-to-use interface and easy-to-share information

Difficult to learn; difficult to share


Cost-efficient pricing supports 30% more data

Daily peak pricing handicaps customers

Discover what some of the world’s most innovative companies already know:
Business is better with Sumo.

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Discover the only cloud native solution for all of your observability and security needs.

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