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Cloud architecture
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QRadar is a lift-and-shift version of its on-prem solution, requiring additional provisioning at additional cost for ingesting and searching at scale

Sumo Logic is Cloud Native multi-tenant platform that can instantly scale each component of the architecture up or down to meet customer demand.

Breadth of portfolio
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While QRadar has a comprehensive portfolio (logs, EDR, SIEM, and SOAR) but it’s very complex and costly to implement, often requiring professional services

Sumo Logic offers a unified platform for observability (logs metrics, APM/Traces, and RUM) and security (security data lake, audit, and compliance, Cloud SIEM and Cloud SOAR), assisting with tool consolidation.

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QRadar on Cloud requires the installation of a data gateway appliance, which is used to connect to the instance of QRadar running in the IBM cloud.

Sumo Logic is a platform/vendor agnostic with the ability to collect logs and security-relevant data across your on-prem, cloud and multi-cloud environments without the need for additional hardware

Threat Intel Platform
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QRadar offers Integrated TIP however requires the purchasing of IBM Advanced Threat Protection Feed at an additional cost

Sumo Logic includes an integrated, out-of-the-box TIP, leveraging CrowdStrike (OEM) to help add threat dimensions to the security events. Sumo Logic can also integrate with external intelligence feeds.

Fixed data structure
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In QRadar, everything needs to be pre-parsed to facet the fields for you to look for something. If a certain field has not already been parsed, you’re stuck doing keyword searches.

Sumo Logic fully indexes all log data – structured and unstructured – without having data adhere to indexes with defined schemas allowing for quick time to value and flexibility.

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QRadar licenses based on the number of employees (1 EPS per employee) with 30-day retention.

Sumo Logic offers a simple credit-based licensing model that offers predictability and flexibility and enables frictionless expansion to align with use cases without charging based on users.

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