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Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience

Especially in light of the pandemic, with more people working and living in hybrid environments, the rate of digital interactions has seen a huge increase. From 2020 to 2021 online retail sales nearly doubled, and industry leaders are expecting customers to continue the trend of online shopping.

What is digital customer experience?

These post-pandemic trends make the digital customer experience, which takes into account every step in the digital shopping and user journey as it relates to a company's brand, all the more important. From application user experiences, to credit card payments, and user clicks, the digital user experience takes all of these interactions into account.

While customer experience looks at all types of interactions (in-person interactions, over-the-phone interactions, and mass-media advertising), the digital experience is limited to strictly digital mediums of interaction.

Both customer experience and digital customer experience are important to overall customer satisfaction, and ensuring you’ve done your due diligence for your digital mediums will be crucial in the post-pandemic digital era.

Why digital customer experience matters

So why is the digital customer experience so important?

In one sense, it’s simply a numbers game. With about two-thirds of the buyer’s journey taking place in the digital realm, it’s incumbent that businesses invest in their digital capabilities. Studies have also shown that customers value a seamless online experience and are willing to spend more if they are satisfied with their digital interactions.

A PwC study of over 15,000 global respondents found that more than 50% of customers would pay more for a seamless, speedy, and efficient digital customer experience. When customers have a seamless shopping or service experience, that will contribute to greater customer satisfaction, higher lifetime value, and customer engagement.

How DCX works

There’s more to a seamless digital customer experience than investing incompetent software. Industry leaders need to understand what their customers want and cater to those needs.

Companies can start by focusing on the following steps:

Know your audience → identify persona or persona types within that audience → curate each step or funnel within the DCX journey with relevant content and experiences that are relevant to your target persona types→ personalize each step of the digital experience based on your findings.

With the help of a digital experience platform and machine learning capabilities, you can rely on user data that helps you understand what your audience is interested in and geared towards. AI tools can help make this data understandable, which will enable your team to come up with creative ways to enhance the various steps of the digital customer journey.

Benefits of digital customer experience

Investing in a seamless and efficient digital customer experience is an investment in your business. Some of the major benefits of the digital customer experience include:

  • Higher customer retention

  • Reduced customer churn rates

  • Higher lifetime customer value

  • Greater brand equity

  • Reduced costs of service

  • Higher rates in sales

  • Increase in overall customer satisfaction

  • Reducing customer efforts on digital mediums

Digital customer experience examples

There are a few ways you can improve the digital customer experience with concrete, actionable applications. Below we’ll get into some examples of how you can improve the DCX today.

  • Customer profiles
    • Allow customers to create their own unique profile on your platform. This will help them track sales easier, manage their account and personal information, and review their orders and receipts when necessary.

  • Automated chatbots
    • The advent of chatbots and AI bots is continuing to grow, and it’s not hard to see why. Chatbots provide 24/7 support, are easy to use, and will answer most questions that customers may have throughout the customer journey.

  • Customizable content
    • You can customize advertisements and content that customers will see based on their interests. Readily-available customer data, previous searches, and sales will help you choose what kind of offers they see and are in contact with throughout their journey.

  • Digital communities
    • Online forums are a great way to maintain some sense of community in the digital world. Not only is this a great way to allow customers to interact with one another through reviews and questions forums, but it also gives you access to what customers are interested in or querying about within the forum.

While there are state-of-the-art DCX platforms and tools, it’s ultimately up to industry leaders and team leaders to make sense of the data they’re given and find creative ways to engage with their customers.

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