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Sumo Logic & AWS at It-Sa Expo & Congress

Security and reliability.
The log stops here.

Visit Sumo Logic & AWS at it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 to learn how Sumo Logic helps you respond to security threats across your entire infrastructure and cloud-native apps.

Visit us in Hall 7, Stand 7-542

Security, DevOps and operational management tools need the right level of security to protect the data that resides across your AWS and multi-cloud environments. The right level incorporates real-time security insights across your ecosystem, central visibility and early detection of security threats before they become incidents. Visit our stand to find out more about how you can modernize your security operations and achieve greater cyber resilience.

  • Secure your digital experiences while simplifying complexity

  • Surface threats automatically and illuminate security blindspots

  • Quickly investigate and respond to evolving threats

Modernize your security operations and achieve greater cyber resilience

Surface threats automatically and illuminate security blindspots

Sumo Logic automatically uncovers indicators of early-stage threats arising from expanded attack surfaces, generating actionable insights, enabling your security analysts to quickly investigate potential incidents.

Sumo Logic provides real-time, holistic visibility into your security posture across your organization’s cloud, multi-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments giving you a comprehensive enterprise-wide view for your SOC team.

Surface threats automatically and illuminate security blindspots

Investigate and respond quickly to modern threats

Sumo Logic reduces the time security analysts spend investigating and responding to incidents by empowering SOC teams to fully automate the detection, triage, investigation, and containment of cyber threats.

Sumo Logic boosts collaboration within SOC teams, using orchestration capabilities to automate a wide array of time-consuming tasks while increasing efficiencies during each phase of the incident response process.

Investigate and respond quickly to modern threats


  • Streamline your compliance processes with data monitoring plus security and configuration analyses 

  • Rapid, cost-effective continuous compliance readiness for security frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, or ISO 27001

  • Shorten audit cycles by out-of-the-box integration apps, including pre-built searches and granular dashboards to demonstrate continuous PCI compliance


Demo on stand:

  • Explore our unified cloud-native platform and see how you can centralize your data all in one place for full visibility across your entire security stack

  • We run regular demos on-screen during the show

  • You can also book a bespoke demo in advance, tailored to your requirements

Demo on stand:

AWS Monitoring - See across your AWS environment to resolve issues faster

Sumo Logic's log aggregation capabilities and machine learning and pattern detection give enterprises detailed monitoring visibility into AWS deployments to manage application monitoring and performance, maintain the security of AWS cloud environments and comply with internal and external standards for cloud computing.

Come by our stand to find out how to detect misconfigurations and security exposure of your cloud infrastructure with the Global Intelligence Service for AWS CloudTrail.

AWS Monitoring - See across your AWS environment to resolve issues faster

Additional reasons to visit…

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Street Food on our stand

Fancy Hot Dogs and Nachos by Slümeika?! The guys from Slümeika provide freshly cooked street food at our stand. You can pick up the food vouchers at our stand or at the AWS stand.

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Trade Shows can be exhausting so just come by to boost your energy levels whilst finding out more about Cloud Security Analytics.

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Happy Hour - 11th October

Enjoy some wine or beer towards the end of the second show day. Mingle with our team and have a good time. Starting from 4 PM.

Don’t miss our IT security talk on 10 October!

George Gerchow CSO and SVP of IT at Sumo Logic

Date: Tues, Oct 10
Time: 12:00pm PT
Location: Hall 6
Speaker: George Gerchow, CSO and SVP of IT, Sumo Logic

Session description: George Gerchow will debunk common concerns and myths about cloud security on Tuesday, 10 October, at 12 PM in Hall 6.

His talk ‘Maximizing Data Security in the Cloud: Strategies for Outperforming On-Premises Solutions’ will delve into the advantages and advancements of cloud-native security systems, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how cloud solutions can outshine their on-premises counterparts. We will explore the latest technologies, best practices, and real-world case studies to demonstrate the superior security measures offered by cloud-native solutions.

During this session, you will learn how cloud security provides enhanced threat detection and prevention, scalability to accommodate evolving security needs, and the ability to leverage advanced AI algorithms for proactive risk mitigation. We will also address common concerns such as data privacy, compliance, and control, debunking myths surrounding cloud security.

Whether you are an IT professional, business owner, or security enthusiast, this session will equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions about adopting cloud-based security solutions. Join us to unlock the potential of cloud security and gain a competitive advantage in safeguarding your valuable data.

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