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Grow your understanding of Sumo Logic through interactive tutorials, instructor-led training, and a wide range of certifications.

Virtual Cert Jams & Workshops Days

Join the fellow colleagues in your geographic region for a full day of hands-on virtual instructions, certifications and workshops! Register for the class(es) that work best for your schedule.

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September 2023


Want to learn more about Sumo Logic? Struggling to find time for a class? We got you covered.

With our Self-Paced eLearning, you can learn Sumo Logic courses at your own pace, anywhere, without time constraints. By the end of the self-paced program, you will be prepared to pass your Sumo Logic certification exam.

The self-paced program is easy to access directly from the product. Just go to the Certification tab and click Get-Certified.

We’ve done studies that show when you are certified with Sumo Logic, you gain greater insight into your data and search more efficiently. Good luck on your journey!

Want to learn more about Sumo Logic? Struggling to find time for a class? We got you covered.

Private sessions

Tailored private sessions for your team’s training needs, using your data, your queries, and your dashboards.

Sumo Logic Basics

Using your data, queries and dashboards, this online session is designed to get your team familiar with the breadth of Sumo Logic features. It covers data collection, searching and analyzing your data, as well as a monitoring and visualizing the data. At the end of this course, your team will be able to ingest data, run basic searches and convert them into insightful dashboards.


Up to 100 attendees


4 hours



In combination with some self-paced, hands-on labs, this course provides Fundamentals and Search Mastery.

Sumo Logic Pro

This in-person session is designed to deep-dive your team into feature configuration and administration. Delivered as a workshop-style session, this course gives all attendees hands-on experience to cement the knowledge learned. At the end of this course, attendees will be well-versed in ingesting data, searching and analyzing, building dashboards and alerts, managing users and security settings, and taking advantage of search optimization tools.


Up to 50 attendees


1 day



This course provides Fundamentals, Search Mastery, and Administration.

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