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Deep integration with AWS for seamless service visibility

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Multi-service visibility

Eliminate operational blind spots with native support for all of your AWS services. Visualize the entire AWS infrastructure to quickly identify trends, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

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Pre-built Dashboards

Leverage pre-built integrations for all of your favorite AWS services like AWS Lambda, ALB, RDS, CloudTrail, and API Gateway.


Integrations and infrastructure performance

Identify critical AWS application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. Get to the root cause quickly with pattern detection using machine-learning.


Security & compliance

Identify, correlate, and prioritize threats faster and streamline investigation with security analytics. Maintain compliance with internal and external standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.).

Instant AWS visibility and monitoring

“Sumo Logic provides us instant visibility into AWS services. We were able to get AWS ELB dashboards in a few minutes, which was very impressive.”


Alex Zadorozhnyi

Director of Technology

Leverage pre-built dashboards, searches, queries, and reports for instant insights

EC2 - Improve AWS operational visibility

EC2 - Improve AWS operational visibility

Get a comprehensive view into the performance and health of EC2 clusters starting with cluster count, service count, count of services by cluster, and average CPU and memory utilization by service name.

“Before Sumo Logic, we thought that real-time monitoring coupled with the ability to unify log and metric data in a scalable SaaS-based platform was an unattainable goal. Not only does it exist, but Sumo Logic is setting the gold standard.”

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Lambda - Monitor the health of all your Lambda functions

Lambda - Monitor the health of all your Lambda functions

Gain exhaustive cost visibility and analyze operational and performance trends all from a single pane of glass. See all functions side-by-side along with detail into top users and services invoking functions. Then, easily drill down into specific entities for analytics on invocations by function and top callers.

“Sumo Logic has made it easy for us to get a very robust and scalable log analytics system in place without having to put significant effort into actually building and maintaining that ourselves.”

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RDS - Monitor and optimize key RDS metrics

RDS - Monitor and optimize key RDS metrics

Get detailed visibility into the functioning of database instances and their infrastructure. Out of the box dashboards provide RDS system's overview, CPU, memory, storage, network transmit and receive throughput, read and write operations, database connection count, disk queue depth, and more.

“Sumo Logic is a key component in our ‘war room’ and one of the resources our team uses to address and remedy issues in real-time.”

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AWS Together at Last

Intuitive monitoring, troubleshooting, and security for AWS services

AWS Logs Metrics Dashboards