Hundreds of apps and integrations, including:

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Log data is one of the most strategic business assets within the enterprise.

View log data for critical information about user behavior and web application server activity.

Collaborate and communicate more easily with your team

Customizable dashboards that empower your teams

Real-time, customizable dashboards and powerful visualizations. Simplify interactions for your team by building intuitive drop-downs and filters using search templates.

Collaborate and communicate more easily with your team

Separate the signal from the noise

Machine learning with LogReduce pattern analysis

Boil down thousands of log lines into easy to understand patterns with LogReduce and LogCompare. Separate the signal from the noise and detect anomalous behavior with outlier detection.

Separate the signal from the noise

Improve IIS analytics and customer focus

Analyzing IIS logs with Sumo Logic and get the data you need to tailor your websites and web applications to your customers.

Improve operational posture by quickly troubleshooting and resolving web application and infrastructure issues before they affect your customers, and you can use deep insights to understand where customer engagement falls short.

Improve IIS analytics and customer focus

Next-Generation Log Management & Machine Data Analytics

Sumo Logic’s next-generation log management and machine data analytics service changes this equation, delivering actionable insights into application and infrastructure operations while dramatically reducing complexity and cost.

Collect And Centralize

Collect & centralize

More than 150 applications and integrations make it easy to aggregate data across your stack and down your pipeline.


Search & investigate

Real-time analytics help you rapidly identify and resolve cyber attacks, detect and prevent breaches, and reduce compliance costs.

Deeper Insights

Monitor & visualize

Customizable dashboards align teams by visualizing logs, metrics and performance data for full-stack visibility and reliable delivery.


Alert & notify

Machine-learning algorithms work 24/7 and alert you if there’s an important event or problem to fix.

Unify your logs and real-time monitoring

“Before Sumo Logic, we thought that real-time monitoring coupled with the ability to unify log and metric data in a scalable SaaS-based platform was an unattainable goal. Not only does it exist, but Sumo Logic is setting the gold standard.”


Petri Autero

Lead Architect

Unify your logs and real-time monitoring

Deploy in as little as 15 minutes, with no operational overhead.