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SOAR Integrations

Seamlessly integrate, orchestrate and automate your tools with Cloud SOAR

As we continue to develop our security orchestration, automation and response platform (Cloud SOAR), one of our main goals is to provide the integrations our customers need with cybersecurity and non-cybersecurity third-party tools and technologies.

Currently, Cloud SOAR supports hundreds of third-party API integrations, with a constantly growing list of certified bidirectional integrations.

Developing integrations: How it works

There are virtually no limits to the integrations you can create with Cloud SOAR. Cloud SOAR’s OIF (Open Integration Framework) supports integrations in multiple standard scripting languages, including such as Pearl, Python, Powershell, and Bash, all wrapped into Yaml configuration for optimal flexibility.

Platform access and API manuals

The integration deployment relies on the creation of mutual API connectors between both technologies. To create connectors, we need access to the platform and API documentation.

Create and test API connectors

Our team develops the connectors you need in just 3 days, but our customers can easily develop new integrations or modify the existing ones.

Generate custom integrations

If you develop a custom integration, you can share it with us and we will gladly test, verify, and publish the integration on our community portal.

Accelerate your SecOps using our Open Integration Framework

Flexibility, customizability, and ease of use are three highly relevant factors in modern SecOps. This is what Open Integration Framework (OIF) is all about.

Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR’s Open Integration Framework is an integration framework based on open APIs for defining integrations within the Cloud SOAR Platform. With the open integration philosophy adopted by Cloud SOAR, you can:

  • Easily connect and integrate disparate technologies

  • Customize integrations and adapt them to your environment

  • Boost the automation of repetitive tasks with full control

The Sumo Logic Community Portal, provides an open and cooperative ecosystem, where you can find and share integrations and playbooks for tackling specific bespoke use cases.

Accelerate your SecOps using our Open Integration Framework

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