Why Sumo Logic for Continuous Delivery?

Quicker Resolution

Automate testing

Test and improve applications through all phases of the continuous delivery pipeline with automated scripts that simulate real-time conditions.


Shorten release cycles

Isolate and correct application problems by visualizing bottlenecks and ‘swarming’ team members to eliminate production roadblocks.

Secure Intellectual Property

Incorporate security at every level

From Docker container access to Active Directory based restrictions, monitor telemetry and feedback to provide an environment where security is a design constant.

How Sumo Logic Enables Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

Sumo Logic powers continuous delivery with an approach to telemetry and feedback that ingests and analyzes data from every object and interaction in your environment. With Sumo Logic dashboards, you can get key data in easy visualizations so you can respond in real-time.

With great applications that integrate across the development toolchain, Sumo Logic can improve every phase of the continuous delivery and integration process.

How Sumo Logic Enables Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

Continuous Intelligence for DevOps

Sumo Logic applications run seamlessly to provide continuous intelligence. Sumo Logic apps analyze data and utilize machine learning to proactively provide insights and troubleshooting so common problems with build failure, anomaly reports, and security issues are identified and corrected automatically.

By ingesting and analyzing telemetry and feedback at incredible speeds, developers gain invaluable real-time insights for testing and improving applications on a continuous basis. This saves time, lowers network overhead costs, and dramatically reduces the time-to-market cycle.

Continuous Intelligence for DevOps

Continuous Delivery Solutions for Every Environment

Sumo Logic offers an array of developer apps for accelerating your continuous delivery pipeline in any environment. Solutions for major providers include:

With these and other agnostic solutions, Sumo Logic aggregates disparate data points and visualizes patterns to give developers the tools they need to continuously deliver better, faster apps.

Continuous Delivery Solutions for Every Environment

Sumo Logic Apps for Continuous Delivery

Sumo Logic offers a wide range of apps to enable continuous delivery for your DevOps operation:

Sumo Logic’s integrated threat intelligence provides unparalleled simplicity for complex delivery and security challenges in your cloud network.

Sumo Logic Apps for Continuous Delivery

One platform. Many use cases.

  • Your data

  • Our analytics

  • Your people

Monitor and troubleshoot in real time

Increase your troubleshooting effectiveness. Sumo Logic helps you reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring with cloud-based modern analytics powered by machine learning.


Act on threats instantly

Quickly detect Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), accelerate investigation, and ensure compliance using Sumo Logic Security Analytics.


Make smarter decisions

Enable data-driven business decisions and predict and analyze customer behavior using Sumo Logic’s real-time analytics platform.

Optimizing Continuous Integration and Delivery

We take DevOps seriously — do you?

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