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Sumo Logic provides observability and security in one
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Continuous intelligence platform

Sumo Logic’s continuous intelligence platform provides observability and in-depth insights across the enterprise, facilitating the capture and use of machine data that is structured or unstructured from any source, whether self-hosted or cloud.

This in-depth observability extends to the full range of systems present in today’s educational institutions: student registration and learning management systems, networks, on-premise applications, and cloud apps, among others. Once log data is under management, Sumo Logic’s cloud-native SaaS platform supports digital transformation, risk mitigation, security and compliance to cost-effectively provide key insights across systems, networks, and campuses.

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Sumo Logic Achieves FedRAMP-Moderate Authorization

With Sumo Logic you can


Break down campus silos

Use modern log management tools to improve your monitoring and troubleshooting, increase your security posture, and gain key business insights.


Reduce downtime

Solve customer-impacting issues faster with an integrated observability platform for all of your application data including logs, metrics, and traces across the entire development lifecycle.

Valuable Security Insights

Enhance visibility

Security analysts can seamlessly monitor on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures and thoroughly understand the impact and context of an attack.

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Lower total cost of ownership

Leverage our cloud-native, elastic scaling solution and cloud licensing model that provides unparalleled ease of use.

Automate discovery of threats

“We have an incredible amount of data to analyze, and it’s essential for us to be able to identify the events that matter as quickly as possible. The Cloud SIEM Enterprise platform provides our team with the visibility and automation needed to increase our agility, while allowing us to get more out of our existing tools and remain flexible as we scale.”

University of Lethbridge

Kevin Vadnais

Manager of Information Management and Security

Sumo Logic for Education

Sumo Logic is a scalable and secure platform that processes and analyzes petabytes of data, runs over 30 million searches and scans over 500 trillion records daily.