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Digital Customer Experience

End User Monitoring - Because every click counts

Gain deep visibility into user behavior by tracking performance metrics across SaaS applications to improve how customers experience your digital services.

Identify the source of bad end user experience to troubleshoot faster

Sumo Logic provides full-stack observability to understand user activity in real time. Whether device-based end user monitoring, real user monitoring or synthetic monitoring to identify issues before they occur, Sumo Logic centralizes your digital experience monitoring needs on one platform.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Improve your end-user experience and get to the bottom of application performance issues faster with website monitoring, enriched data, machine intelligence and distributed tracing. Monitor actual user interactions with your application for the most accurate view of end user experience.

Real user monitoring captures information about page views, browser versions, user location, page load time, and other web browser and application KPIs.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Synthetic monitoring

Sumo Logic's robust synthetic provider integrations offer built-in dashboards to display synthetic monitoring data and give an easy, out-of-the-box experience. By simulating users’ actions with scripts, synthetic monitoring can help you find and address any performance issues before they occur.

Synthetic monitoring

The all-in-one solution to manage and improve user experience

Sumo Logic provides end-to-end visibility into your users’ digital experience with prebuilt and preconfigured dashboards for granular performance insights to pinpoint issues.

Optimize Performance


Quickly and easily correlate all infrastructure, application and browser telemetry across your tech stack with end-user behavior to deeply understand and troubleshoot problems your end users face.

Diagnose 2


Rapidly identify performance degradation, where end-user issues occur and the services they impact.

Troubleshoot Faster 2


Sift through all application, browser and infrastructure telemetry in seconds with machine learning to find the root cause of issues faster.



Leverage technology benchmarks to optimize end-user components and improve user satisfaction.

One platform. Flexible pricing. Any scale.

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