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Gaming monitoring from Sumo Logic

Reduce the time to detect, identify, and resolve operational and security issues in your gaming platform with monitoring and logging

Scalability without overspending

Scalability without overspending

Flexible licensing for all of your video game data

Video games are bursty with highly unpredictable data ingest requirements that often produce terabytes of log data in short periods. Sumo Logic's licensing doesn't force you to over-provision or penalize you when games increase adoption and generate larger amounts of log and metrics data.

The flexibility gaming companies need for growth

“From the start of our initiative, we were impressed with Sumo Logic. Because it’s a flexible, cloud-based solution, we know that it will be able to work with other tools and platforms that we may implement over time. We’re also glad that they provide such detailed access to their product roadmap.”

The Pokémon Company International



Innovate at the speed players demand

Innovate at the speed players demand

Robust CI/CD pipeline to support rapid software release cycles

In many cases, developers end up monitoring and troubleshooting the CI/CD pipeline themselves, taking time away from working on critical revenue-driving game features and releases. Sumo Logic correlates data across the CI/CD pipeline enabling organizations to optimize their software development cycle, eliminate quality issues due to missed errors, and reduce downtime in the pipeline.

Scalable investigation

Scalable investigation

Rev up gaming monitoring with a simplified setup, automated data tagging, and out of the box content

Sumo Logic provides a centralized view for operation and security issues across your entire technology stack. These can be leveraged cross-functionally to diagnose and troubleshoot issues faster and reduce games’ interruptions.

Modern gaming analytics

Sumo Logic is a scalable and secure platform that processes and analyzes petabytes of data, runs over 30 million searches, and scans over 500 trillion records daily.