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Log Management

Log Management: Your solution to go from chaos to clarity

Break down silos and use modern log management tools to improve your monitoring and troubleshooting, increase your security posture, and gain key business insights.

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Log management tools for the entire stack

Cloud, on-premises, and everything in between

Modern businesses handle petabytes of machine data in the form of event logs. Logs are everywhere, coming at you all the time from every part of your software stack. These logs give you crucial insights into the performance of your applications and infrastructure, assuming you can sort through the data and make sense of it.

For many top organizations, the keys to improved troubleshooting, security, and business intelligence are stuck in silos and lost in a sea of noise.

With Sumo Logic’s unified logs and metrics tools, you can accelerate modern application delivery, monitor and troubleshoot in real time, and improve security and compliance posture.

Log management tools for the entire stack

Log management for cloud-first organizations

Improve availability and performance with unified log management

Reduce your MTTR with machine learning root-cause analysis

Raw data can tell you what happened with a component of your stack, but centralized log management can get you much more. Viewing log dashboards together in one place is the best way to correlate issues and identify the root cause when something is going wrong. Using built-in predictive analytics, you can identify trends and solve issues at every stage of the development pipeline.

With unified logs and metrics solution, DevOps teams can make sense of huge amounts of data faster—and more accurately—than ever before. Easy-to-use dashboards and data visualizations help you understand and translate events and bring more visibility to every component of the stack.

Improve availability and performance with unified log management

Simplify security and compliance with centralized log management

Monitor your logs in real-time and store crucial legacy data

Log data contains critical information on potential security events. Increasing the speed of threat detection gives your IT teams everything they need to determine what is truly worth investigating. Machine learning and automation then help your teams focus on the highest-impact threats and quickly respond.

With a unified log management system, Sumo Logic can help you stop breaches, and detect indicators of compromise (IOCs), and turn your data into actionable threat intelligence. Sumo Logic is the first to offer multi-tenant SaaS security analytics with integrated threat intelligence. Our adversary analysis and threat intelligence tools are baked into enterprise security offerings, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about your security infrastructure.

Simplify security and compliance with centralized log management

Cloud log management

One-click integrations with AWS, Azure, and GCP services

For full-stack visibility, cloud architectures require a modern approach to logging and monitoring. With Sumo Logic, you can centralize large volumes of cloud logs and run analytics that drive business, operational, and security insights. As a cloud-native solution, Sumo Logic scales on demand to streamline massive workload migrations, expanding deployments, and seasonal spikes common in cloud environments.

Our platform includes built-in pattern detection, anomaly detection, outlier detection, and predictive analytics for unparalleled machine data insights. We also offer apps to integrate log management with different components of the AWS, Azure, and GCP ecosystems.

Cloud log management

Multi-cloud support

Multi-cloud support

Sumo Logic provides real-time visibility into AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud applications and infrastructure. In addition, we provide over 150 apps and native integrations to give you out-of-the-box visibility into the technologies that power your applications.

Modern log management

Aggregate and analyze your logs, metrics, and events to gain comprehensive observability.